Can someone link me to the latest GRAPHICAL version of Cataclysm?

I can’t seem to find downloads for the old versions of Cataclysm with tilesets included. (And I’m not sure what to search for to find a good tileset to add myself.)

Can someone help?

DDA practically makes my eyes bleed so there’s sadly no way I can play it until someone actually makes it tileset compatible.

I’ve seen lots of discussion threads showing really nice looking tilesets but it’s not clear which of them are actually complete (for Catacysm original) or whether they’re just intended for use with DDA when it’s possible.

What’s my best course of action?

Don’t play, or make your own, those are the best ideas I have.

I specifically stated that I know there are earlier versions of Cataclysm with tilesets.

Why are you ignoring this?

You asked what the best course of action was. To find the original cataclysm, go to the whalesdev forums, I’m pretty sure that one was tileset compatible, albeit missing some features of DDA. Other then that, I can’t really see the problem, so if nobody else is any help, follow what I said earlier. Or get used to ACII.

Tileset support is being integrated as part of the kickstarter funding. Just wait until it is if you absolutely can’t play it without one.

But is there any clue as to how long that might take?

Anyway, is there a repository around here of tilesets that work with the OLD Cataclysm? I think the list of tilesets thread I found here was those planned for DDA…

Mrnocamera, don’t be a jerk.

DG, there are a few threads in this forum with mod details in them for running tilesets with old versions. But as of now, all tileset versions are mods - there never was a mainlined version with tileset support. I expect that will change in a week or two, though. :wink:

Is it truly likely to be that soon? If so I’ll just wait. I got the impression it would be much longer.

Well, it’s Sean’s first task for the Kickstarter, and he’s already a week into it and progress seems to be going well. That’s one of the benefits of having someone working on this sort of thing full time. (In this case, technically another someone, since Kevin Granade sort of already is but he’s doing all the code management and reviews and stuff)

Ah, well that’s excellent news.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying out DDA with one of the tilesets… Although I’m not sure how many of them actually were completed. Some of those that looked like SNES games were very impressive.

…that “looked like SNES” is actually anime-topdown, serving like “roguelike-topdown” to explain what you’re reading. But, since the old japanese system had the distinct heritage from 8-bit “sprite, then layer” codeframe - it was all about the fancy looks. I’d rather not; if it’s possible to have someone who is utilizing his knowledge of programming through graphical art only to make it pleasant to the eye. In other way, don’t milk the chicken so the bull doesn’t wake you up at 4:30 in the morning. :slight_smile:

I expect the tile support to be in the experimental builds this week or the next one. :smiley:

ETA: wednesday or thursday most likely. Worst case scenario, next tuesday. Should be very flexible for new item definitions, and since adding extra monsters/traps/fields/terrains all takes hardcoding the values for now those are a bit less flexible but for now it’s okay. I’ll be posting up the formatting specs probably on Tuesday.

As I said already, that’s brilliant news!

\o/ finaly my eyes will bleed no more

On a related topic, will there be support for sounds (like Dwarf Fortress SoundSense)?

I’ve heard creepy music in some of the DDA youtube videos. I’m not sure how that was done.

As taboo as it is around here, Lazycat’s MGS mod had sounds, and they were well-implemented. I’m sure we could add a variable system sometime, though it’s not high on the priority list AFAIK.

Taboo? Why?

See here:
All further discussion on the topic can be had there.

But yeah, sound support is coming - mostly for some musical background pieces like an intro. We’ve already got the music, so we’re probably going to get it into the game pretty soon.

Sound effects are technically possible but probably less likely.

So long as sounds remain optional I’m all for it.

I just can’t do roguelikes with sound and graphics. Too many years playing on silent ASCII terminals have made me appreciate a game where all the flashy graphics and cool sound effects come from my imagination.