Fallout: New England

I was asking for help all over the site yesterday. And now, finally, my work has begun.

This mod aims to bring some west-coast class to the east coast (and later, some New England and D.C. charm of its own.)

A handful of early game Fallout 1 guns, and a couple melee weapons
Vault Suits
Nuka Cola and Iguana On-A-Stick
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
A specialty gun store to carry mod items to prevent clogging up stores
Mantises, Radscorpions, and Rats, all tamable for any weird run your little heart can imagine!

Mid-late game Fallout 1 weaponry!
Martial Arts!
More Structures!
Vehicle Parts?
Content from other Fallout games!
Content from popular fallout 3, NV, and 4 mods!


(the .7z file is pre-sorted for those with OCD, since i couldnt find out how to put folders into github yet. Once I do, I’ll fix it)

Disclaimer: This mod will play well with Expanded Realistic guns, however, they both have different 10mm ammo, because making the 10mm ammo play nice was turning into more pain than its worth.

If you wish to make tiles for my mod items, I would love that given I am not an artist.
If you have suggestions or bug reports, feel free to air them out. Though I may not utilize them.


Does this mean we can turn ourselves into Deathclaws?

Maybe. For right now, I only have Ghoul and Super Mutant planned.

Feel like adding this crap?

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If you’re going with original fallout content, make sure to add a leather jacket that’s missing one sleeve. I haven’t played fallout 1 since I was maybe 12 (it hasn’t aged super well) and really all I remember is seeing my little guy in a leather jacket with only one sleeve.


I dont know how to add in one-sleeved armor but I’ll see.

Well, no, coverage doesn’t really allow for a single limb to be protected. I just meant for flavor. Like, in that original Fallout, I’m sure it didn’t have independent armor for each arm, it was probably a singular value.

I was just, you know, being nostalgic.

Maybe as a recipe you could require less material than the stand coat and a secondary recipe actually using a pre-made coat minus 1 sleeve?

Using reduced coverage on the garment as a whole to the new version. While in the garment sorting menu, leaving out 1 arm. Either left or right.

Can you set coverage for arms to 50%?

I don’t think you can set coverage for individual parts of the clothing, the coverage is overall.

Panties, for example have very little legs coverage (5%?), because panties obviously can’t cover your entire legs.

Cargo pants on the other hand have a more decent coverage (85%?), but usually are the first piece of clothing that gets destroyed on my characters.

If you set coverage for 50%, you’ll have half jacket.

Yeah, I suppose you’d have to make a “leather sleeve” item with 50% coverage, and it would still appear on both arms. Not exactly ideal.
Wait, on second thought, you could totally have it be on one arm. Splints and swag bags and other things are one side only.

…or my suggestion. Less coverage than normal coat and remove 1 arm. >_>

So all of yall know, the mods been updated. I didnt realize i had to do something specific on github desktop to update it. there yall go.


This still being updated?

Last updated in January, apparently. I looked for it a while back, no one else was doing anything with it.

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Shame. Mod is fun. Seems to have some errors in it though mostly around the 10MM ammo.

Yeah, sorry, this mods retired, for now. And I’ve kinda retired from cata (for a while. The updates changing everything kinda kept annoying me). One day I’ll return to it. Maybe.


Thanks for replying to us, Tefnut, i really appreciate your work and you replying here after such a long time, i even suggested SomeDeadGuy to make monster tiles for monsters from your mod for his tileset and guess what - in a matter of days he has already done that!

I really like to pull zombie hordes to deathclaw packs while trying to sneak to watch my enemies tear each other apart from a safe distance, hehe

This is really sad, SDG (the author of the most popular tileset in the game) made the sprites for the monsters of your mod a few weeks ago, i dont know if you saw it, what a shame to have those beautiful sprites unused :disappointed:
I was really wanting to test this mod and kill deathclaws when 0.E launched, so i hope you return soon because i know that some updates are frustrating to modders, so i understand and respect your point, but it is always sad when a mod goes unsupported.

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The only real problems with the mod are a a bunch of stuff involving the 10MM ammo (Including a circular dependency.) and issues with the Gunrunner technical that aren’t bad. The 10MM ammo issue is crashing the game though. Still I enjoy this mod even if I have to avoid that ammo, its always a pleasure to find a weapon I recognize from New Vegas.