[mod] Forty's Small Mod (0.E-1)

Hey all! This is my first time modding, so I’m still wrapping my head around json.

It’s a collection of tweaks I’ve implemented for my own game, including:

  • Adds chitin and biosilicified chitin as clothing mod options
  • Adds versions of the survivor trenchcoat and duster that trade some storage capacity for ammo compartments. Requires Fab7/Tailor8 to build
  • Adds a version of the light survivor gloves (designed for retractable claws) that allows natural attacks while providing full coverage. Requires Fab5/Tailor7 to build.
  • Adds atomic headlights, as well as wide, reinforced, and wide reinforced variants. (activated as headlights)
  • Added “mega” verisons of the minifridge/freezer. 2x capacity but bigger/heavier as a result
  • Added Scout to Elf-A mutation line
  • Added new post-thresh Elf-A mutation: Fey Scout - an improved version of Scout
  • New scenario: Infected Large Building - Infected start in a Large Building
  • New starting location for Large Building start: Megastore Stockroom
  • Edited Six-Seated Motorized Draisine so that it can fit around subway corners

The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is the gloves. The ALLOWS_NATURAL_ATTACKS flag is all or nothing, but I only want the gloves to work with retractable claws for full SNIKTappeal. How/where would I check to see if the wearer has that specific mutation, let alone add/remove the flag accordingly?


Update: added a new pistol, the “TG2241,” otherwise known as “That Gun” to Fallout: New Vegas fans. It’s a mechanized revolver that fires 5.56 NATO - a much more practical alternative than scouring the cataclysm looking for 8x40 to feed your rm99