Everything is over and perfect. How is your survivor integrated into society?

Topic. The Cataclysm is over and done with, society has rebuilt theoretically. All the survivors have been rehabilitated. How does your survivor integrate into society?
What jobs do they take, where are they live and how is daily life?

I imagine most people would probably oppose the government.

I 'unno… probs take some police job or be contracted/contacted by the government for all the shit I’ve done and question me.

Probably resume her job as a biochemist, not in a government facility though…
and she’d be keeping the vine limbs, she went so long with having essentually six hands it’d take a while for her to get used to two again

I’m either in the middle of the woods somewhere out in Montana, or in jail. Psycopathic schizophrenic martial arts master.

It really depends on what the government that recovered after the Cataclysm looked like, but most likely my current character would start some kind of off-the-grid commune with other survivors.

God of the land, wearing a freshly butchered human skull while sitting on a pile of more skulls.

Go back to his job as a fireman; Well, That is if they don’t mind the fact he’s a bear*
Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!

Well, By bear I mean I plan to make him INTO a bear. Not at that stage yet…*

Or live on a Derelict Oil Platform with all the power armor I’ve been finding…

+1 Internet cookie for the person who could get the reference.

I find this premise a bit odd. I suspect that you could never really unfuck the planet.

My current survivor, being a test profession for the arcana mod…I assume would be trying to revive the Sanguine Order. o3o

Over and perfect means all the dead humans are deader and all the living humans are dead.

Probably hiding out in the woods carving out a self-sustaining existence because my character doesn’t want to become a lab test subject again. Thinking about it, seeing a person walk around with wolf ears and a fluffy tail would stick out in a crowd, not to mention when said person can lift cars and tear out hearts with little difficulty.

Honestly though, I don’t think society would be the same again, as the super survivors with mutations, bionics, strength, intelligence, etc. plus their massive array of skills would either get them discriminated against, or treated like gods.

Then again, maybe the world has already been changed forever as almost every survivor out there is mutated to some extent, and maybe that can mess with how the kiddies are going to come out when it comes to it.

Considering that my survivors that live long enough generally accumulate enough knowledge to become experts on chemistry, electronics, computers, fabrication, etc…I would have to say winning at life. Or ya know getting upset that they can’t simply take everything that isn’t nailed down and going on a drug fueled rampage through a city with enough firepower to end civilization all over again.

Would check how everyone reacts to survivors with lots of items,bionics and mutations.And then he will start hunting the racists.

Hopefully it won’t turn into the genetically modified survivors going on a mass genocide thinking that they are ‘evolved’ or ‘genetically superior’ or some other narrow-minded shit.

Maybe it’s even the opposite, masses of ordinary survivors in safe zones or fema camps might think our super survivors (or maybe a slang term like muties) as freaks or something and actively try and hunt them down. Then again, during the cataclysm a mutated survivor would undoubtably be extremely strong and have a high chance of staying alive, so pairing up with them would help say the non mutated survivors pretty much survive indefinitely or at least a bit longer than they would with regular survivors or by themselves.

Maybe that’s more of a reason why my character would carve out an isolated, peaceful living in the woods.

Hehe, good point :slight_smile:

High chance of staying alive, so pairing up with them would help say the non mutated survivors pretty much survive indefinitely or at least a bit longer than they would with regular survivors or by themselves.

You’d have to keep in mind that not all mutations are helpfuli n keeping you alive, and a lot of the ones that do accomplish that by making you a better killing machine. I’m sure most of the chimeras would have died off on their own, but they wouldn’t be the only problem I’m sure.

My survivor would join an order of pure blood knights to exterminate all of the mutant filth.

Why exterminate them when you can just waterboard them with a gallon jug of purifier and make them human again?

There are humans with mutations … and then there are those mutated so much that they only can be saved by the orders cleansing flame.

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In a perfect fantasy world Valerie Irving would retire from the U.S. Marshals after several decades of honorable service and remain generally the same, but with a new outlook on violence. Having seen most of her friends and family die, along with racking up a substantial human body count herself, Valerie would believe that violence, largely senseless, is terrible and should be steered as clear as far as possible from the innocent, particularly young children. She’d become a school teacher or work as a local community leader to occupy her retirement and likely quite greatly enhanced Alpha lifespan.

Realistically, the good marshal would continue to find herself being gainfully employed even after ‘retirement’ when Zombies, the Blob, Triffids, Mycus, or sterling examples of the remainder of humanity (emphasized by the survivors above) forced her back into the job of putting fist sized holes into targets half a mile away.

The Cleansing Flame burns bright brother, and the unclean will be swept away in a tide of our holy flame