[In-progress] More/Expanded Factions (ideas, tips and progress notes) (not dead but not being worked on)

My plan is to expand the existing factions and create my own factions to add into the cataclysm, i feel as if the wasteland is pretty much empty and would like to add in some factions ( maybe fighting each other if i work the code out should be easy LOL )

If you want to help get me on discord or mail me here and we can work together
Need people with the knowledge of how to code

( i have put frame work out and built the ranks of the us army and police )

Progress - 1%

Make Npcs
Military - done
Police - in-progress

  1. More/Expanded Factions
  • Military
  • Police
  • Militia
  • Ex Cons
  • Gang 1 (unnamed)
  • Merchants
  • Road Warriors
  • Bandits
  • Morlocks (might be in this release or addon)
  • Malitia bandits
  • More factions to add!!!
  1. More npcs -
  2. Much more dialog -
  3. More clothing -
  4. More tools -
  5. More bases/mapgen/bunkers/houses/abondoned -
  6. More trade
  7. And more

If you want to post a suggestion for a faction/item/clothing/tool ect… click here :slight_smile:

#faction name
#descripion (
#specific outfit (clothing, armor, weapons, tools, ammo ect…)
#dialog/communications (if you want)
#anything I missed(locations for example)
#faction strength/wealth (do both or I’ll make it up)
#friends/enamies (include factions like military police or any below there a project for the names on git)


As always, there’s the Guide for 1st time contributors.

Also, unless you are doing something weird with your factions, it would great if you just submitted your factions for inclusion in the main project’s data files, instead of making a mod. CDDA is an open source game and welcomes contributions, so if your factions would be appropriate in a standard game, it would great if you contributed them to the standard game.

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I will be eventually, I want to get factions to a point were I think is appropriate to pr until then I’ll host it like a mod, I have no plans on making weird things happen just what is normal a lot of work to do before I make a pr. If you have any faction ideas I’d like to hear and I don’t plan on stopping making factions.

Im going to go through the code again see what is a feature with factions I don’t see much faction code atm I might be wrong, but I’ll be able to add a suggestion to add more faction features, c++ isn’t something I know, I’d like to add more features but can’t atm

My ideas for factions have mostly been trite and obvious, so you can probably replicate them on your own with little effort.

Two factions I would like see developed:

  • Marloss Evangelists (ME): candlebury has done some work with them, but as an overtly religious organization. I always intended them to be more like super-helpful Amway salesman, clean-cut businessmen in nice suits and ties, always willing to lend a hand. And if you’re hungry, they have some fabulous berries you can eat! (The ME are recruiters for the Mycus, so most people who know what they’re really about prefer to set them on fire at the earliest opportunity.)
  • Fence Men (FeM): The Fence Men are a bunch of ex-convicts who now live free in the prison. They’re friendly to the Hell’s Raiders, and have about the same relation to the HR that the Free Merchants have to the Old Guard. The Fence Men are cunning, but not smart, and do all kinds of stupid and dangerous things like homebrew smokeless gunpowder, use cigarettes/ammo/gold as the basis for their currency, and try to make shocker zombie zlaves into light and power generators. Basically, they’re every player-suggested bad idea in one convenient location that gets periodically wrecked.

I have an equally trite idea.

Evergreen Springs

A small town you would normally pass on the highway that is really only a collection of four or five buildings and a few scant houses. Due to a fluke of the portal storms or preparation as a result of paranoia towards the government the town was mostly spared the worst of the apocalypse.

Most of the citizens are armed, appear to have canabalized some of the buildings, and walled off an area, creating a makeshift palisade as well as a single watch tower.

The town itself has an old west feel complete with defacto sheriff and deputy. The reality of the situation is that a rancher was able to convince everyone to work with him and elect him mayor, but many are skeptical that he just wants to play cowboy and isn’t taking anything very seriously.

This is a big issue because their position is pretty defensible, yet they don’t have any reliable food. The ranch has horses, but nobody is foolhardy enough (yet) to start going out and scouting or hunting and there are no sustainable food sources in town (again, yet).

A trusted individual may start to hear mutterings of mutiny, but the most any normal person can expect is some oddjobs and a high price for any calorie dense or shelf stable foods. A reliable place to get a horse and riding accouterments though.


Darwin’s Razor - Mutation. It’s a common theme. Many NPCs (if you have the Mutant NPCs mod, anyway) will talk about seeking out additional mutagen of their particular type, as they say something along the lines of, “This world isn’t fit for humans, and I don’t plan to be one anymore.” Darwin’s Razor is what happens when a bunch of people get together with that idea as a guiding principle. Formed as a core of grad/post-grad students and some staff from a local college, Darwin’s Razor (because much like Occam’s Razor, evolution is the obvious answer) actively tries to recruit people into shedding baseline humanity for a mutation tree progression. Which one? Any of them, really - all will have their place and function to fulfill in the new world. The faction would be neutral to basically everyone (save the Hell’s Raiders), but the only people who might be neutral (if not friendly) to them would be the Hub (probably know some people down there, and Razors would have plenty of info to trade to the Hub in terms of mutation-related goodness.). They aren’t well armed, but they have a decent tech base set up with facilities to cook mutagen and as many of the secondary chemicals and components required for them as they can feasibly make. And, obviously, they have mutations - LOTS of mutations. Guns are swell, but a post-threshold Ursine mutant with a Greatbow will give anyone outside of powered armor reason to think of peaceful alternatives to violence.
In terms of what they could offer the player, they would always be in the market for mutagen or the components thereof (got some excess Blob Globs?), and could offer quests to retrieve certain mutation recipes or other items for them (like, say, USB drives with Medisoft info).


Which begs the question, what about cyborgs? If Mutation is one path of Post-Humanity, shouldn’t there be a faction devoted to cybernetics? Well, yes. The problem is that cybernetics (outside of modded content) aren’t being made anymore - what’s out there is what there is. Retrieved from labs, carved from the living dead, found in basement hideaways or doctor’s offices, among the possessions of deceased miners, it’s a treasure hunt with limited resources.
Unless, that is, someone can change that. Which brings us to another faction idea…

Dinochrome Brigade - Taking their name from an old set of sci-fi novels about intelligent tanks, the Dinochrome Brigade are a surviving unit of combat cyborgs and support personnel (engineers, medics, etc.). They were deployed late in the Cataclysm, and went AWOL (politely) after realizing what a gigantic cluster**** the world was becoming. They found a bunker/installation/missile silo/whatever that still had functional power and equipment, but had fallen to the undead and netherium-based horrors. Bad fight for normals, not so for a good sized contingent of 'borgs. They secured the site with minimal casualties, and pondered their next move. In the meantime, they picked up a few stragglers from other combat groups and law enforcement personnel who survived the chaos, and a few random survivors.
We probably wouldn’t have heard about them at all if not for the Old Guard. They came into contact with the Old Guard via one of the few surviving comm satellites, and after a few…misunderstandings…were cleared up regarding their status, the Guard tasked them with a mission. Basically, they’re supposed to both stabilize the New England region as much as possible, and recruit militia members to reinforce the depleted troop ranks. They have authorization to augment their recruits as well, and the secondary objective they’re working towards is to get equipment to manufacture CBMs again.
Obviously this faction would be friendly with both the Old Guard and the Free Merchants, and neutral to everyone except the Hell’s Raiders and the Marloss Evangelists (one are bandit filth, the other have turned traitor to humanity). They wouldn’t like the Darwin’s Razor folks, but would consider them less of a problem than the Marloss servants until such a time as the former were dealt with. You’d be looking at a combat-heavy faction with large sets of cybernetics and lots of weaponry, but other than their initial fortifications not too much in terms of a tech base. They’d have a couple Autodocs, and a fair stock of anesthetic and basic CBMs, but not a lot more than that.
Missions for them would be retrieval of equipment and components to allow them to get CBM manufacture (even limited manufacture) up and running again. That would take players deep into labs, military bases, and other nasty places to retrieve things. After a long and involved quest chain, a merchant option would open up for CBMs (small stock, like the Hub, but could have anything) and certain grades of weaponry and ammunition (salvaged or made on site). Might eventually allow purchase of Rivtech caseless ammo in small quantities as well, just to make Rivtech guns less frustrating.
The amount of work to put in for it doesn’t remove the risk factor of getting CBMs - it’s actually easier to get them from lab diving and such. But it does allow an alternate angle to pursue them, and allows the player to feel like they’re contributing to actually allowing humanity to survive in the longer term (much like the Free Merchants quest lines). And maintenance levels of end-game gear supplies are a good reward for lots of walking into the sharp end of the Cataclysm.


what about a tamer/animal farm faction that has lots of animals you can take for your adventures.

Or an animal faction like, a building that is full of a kind of animal like a dog faction or a cat faction, they give you quests (that somehow you are able to understand them for you to receive the mission) and they are always at odds (but not at a hate level, since the cataclysm made you need allies) or a land/flying/aquatic animals against its other counter part animals


Following in the footsteps of other self-proclaimed trite ideas, what about a cannibal faction and the ability to join them if possessing the trait?

Haven’t put much thought into it but they could be based your typical occult shamanistic cannibalism at its core but some members are there as their last resort and yet others don’t care about the mysticism of it all and secretly just enjoy hunting and eating people.
To add some inner conflict, the true core are very fanatical about their occult believes and are constantly trying to flush out non-believers within the group.

With like minded individuals (they’d be on friendly terms with other cannibals, but only actual followers of the occult are allowed to join the sect) the faction would be willing to trade their surplus supply of human meat and other parts for basic necessities they’re lacking.
Maybe they have some unique leather armor that can only be crafted with human skin.

Another fun thing could be that they’re raising a few captives as cattle and occasionally drain some blood for rituals and the like.

If the player finds such a group abhorrent, they’d be able to destroy it and free the captives, potentially recruiting them as followers. Maybe some NPC requests the player to save a loved one, leaving you with the choice of either joining the sect or destroying it.


I would still like to see roaming raptor mutant bandits

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Raptor bandits, could you provide more info

We know that there are paralel timelines in the cataclysm universe (see curl challange) so seeing a troup of crusading knights or a band of vikings or the like just transported to the cataclysm world and having absolutely no cleu what is going on and finding the remnants of civilazation just as strangs as all the monsters that came through the postals would be amazing.

edit: or anything that you could imagine


That’s actually good to know I will be doing them after the list I have all ready I’ll add them in when I’m on the pc, i have my bro helping a bit he wrote up some stuff for another faction for another mod, I’ll ask him to do some for all the factions and add more that he can think about, be nice to see an orc/super mutant fire an rpg in cata

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Some kind of cannibal faction has been proposed. Any kind of serious occult ritual cannibalism would be unlikely to develop immediately after the Cataclysm, but something could be done.

One of the Fence Men missions was going to be conducting trade with the cannibal faction - the Fence Men are merchants, and don’t want to miss the trade goods but also don’t want to get eaten, and are always looking for semi-reliable sucker agent to talk to the people who eat people.

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I guess that’s true, but you can always use the old excuse of them existing since long before the cataclysm and due to having secluded themselves in a forest (where they previously built a place to live and practice the occult) they fared rather well.

The other route you could take is to have them be a bit more manic without proper research or structure.
Instead of coming from a lineage devoted to studying mysticism and how to draw power from the body of man, they could be a group of unstable junkies and/or other mentally lacking individuals that (more or less) just cut pentagrams into people, eat their flesh and believe they’ve ascended to godhood.


yeah, a group of raptor bandits. Raptor mutants that over time have banded together and begun raiding to survive. I just felt like it would be good to spice up the world a bit. You’d presumably see them in squads. They’d probably be hostile unless you were a raptor too, in which case they’d try to recruit.
Honestly this could go for any mutant group, but I just think raptors would be neat.

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It would be nice if there were more groups of generally hostile NPC’s that tries to threaten/rob the player instead of kill on sight like bandits. Then you could try to talk yourself out, give in to demands or maybe even charm yourself into their group and end up with a follower or two.


I think I have an idea for a faction: The Scientia Keepers
It is basically a bunch of college students and a few of their teachers that survived the apocalypse, they live in a walled of campus, where they are trying to produce most of their food. Since they are mostly either teachers or students each of them is usually very good at at least 1 skill, thanks to that they are well equipped with makeshift weapons, (scrap suits, makeshift guns, homemade crossbows and bows, shields, etc, their chemistry students members produce gun powder, medicine and explosives in small amounts for them, later in the game you could find them in gambesons, leather or metal armor, carrying well made weapons as they get used to craft things from scratch). They value farming experience a lot since they lack people with experience in farming to start to produce their own food, they also value fighting skills a lot since most of them dont know how to fight well.
They like the merchants since they can exchange the items they make for food, they are suspicious of the old guard but do not hate them, they naturally hate Hell raiders and other bandit factions since they cause them trouble.
They have a big library full of skill books in their base and want to protect it no matter what since they consider knowledge is what can help humanity survive the apocalypse, they slightly pro aumentation, they are neutral when it comes to most mutants but they may ask friendly mutants to let them study them.
Their missions may include getting them books they lack (Specially books founds in labs), protecting food supply, getting them farm equipment, getting them certain chemical they need, recovering books someone stole,etc.
They use gold as currency, but food and books are usually accepted as well. They may try to trade knowledge (teaching characters skills) for things they need, mainly food, chemicals, and metal.
As they equip themselves better and learn how to fight they may start sending more and more looting groups towards forests and cities to get what they need. Those groups would be comprised of people capable to fight and people with less technical knowledge or skills than the others (Mainly college freshmen and people who join them later).

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Thanks everyone for the faction ideas all of them will be added but please understand for me this is a big project that I will continue to work on till I can’t, I hope to pr this one day, probably in sections, I’ll finish the factions that’s shown in first post then see if it’s okay for a pr. Every other faction that isn’t there will be second instance, I hope.

If there are any factions from games/myth they will be a separate mod, like orcs or elves I’d rather not make these factions anytime soon.

If you want to help or just give me some advice don’t hesitate to comment or get me on discord @goatgod preferably a messege and not on a server (I’m on a few if u can’t)