Is the human race able to survive Cataclysm?

I am curious about your opinions about this issue. For me the human race is not able to survive Catacalysm due to many facts:

  • 99% of world population is gone
  • there are few or no doctors (esp surgeons) so surgery, childbirth etc will be very risky and dangerous
  • the remaining 1% of world population also includes bandits, rapists, cannibals, thieves and other people who do not care about their race’s future. They care only about themselves so they will not fight for it
  • North America is now inhabited with 579 million zombies. How long would it take to kill them all? How many resources are needed? And what with the rest of the world? What about the blob, ants, fungus, triffid?
  • humans love war. I think that after some time many various groups of survivors (faction camps) will be created and they will fight with each other
  • and many, many other things…

I am thinking about this issue since I have created my faction camp. I LOVE faction camps but sometimes it feels so meaningless… Humans are like annoying bugs now. In my opinion we are no danger

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I live, eat, and breathe zombie destruction. Well, that and lewd anime. But there’s no lewd anime in the apocalypse.


Not that I know much about the lore or anything, but wasn’t it established every human in the world is infected by the blob due to drinkable water? I might be wrong though, since NPCs and random human corpses don’t seem to transform at death… But maybe 1% of the population is just immune to zombification?

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The human race was likely reduced to about 10,000 individuals some 50,000 years ago. There’s a running theory that the eruption of a Supervolcano caused it. In any case even with 99% of the population gone 1% of 7 billion is still 70 million people.

So yeah still definitely feasible. The main difference is the fact that the nether forces are anomalous by nature and thus hard to accurately gauge.


(Disclaimer: Geewiz-ing below)
Honestly life as we know it, or rather as the game lore knew it, would likely never be able to happen again, and not just because of the pasting of time.

While the blob is most numerous, I would state that due to the fact that them seem to not have any end game goals, leadership, or settlement other than infecting a host and existing. This would make them a fairly easy step, as clearing them out would be simple (Other than the, eh, superhuman ones, like shockers and brutes)

Triffid wise I don’t know much, but they, like the fungus, build (Or plant?) spires and towers and the like, which can warp the surrounding area. Given time, they could cover entire continents.

And ofc, humans do love conflict dearly, that would be a problem, though as human behavior studies state, we do love hating things that are not us, so I would think human conflict would take a sideline, though it would still be a thing.

Now, the mass death thing, uh, what was the explaination behind that? Acid rain and lots of cars? Or just a massive amount of blob related death?

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No no, your right, everyone is infected, blob just isnt strong enough to override living nervous systems with its own commands. The NPC’s is just not added feature yet. Lore is correct, game isn’t up to snuff yet. Likely mostly due to the ineptitude of NPCs

More spoiler.
Blob is intelligent, its just invading SO many dimentions and fighting so many wars on other fronts, most notibly with the triffids, nether creatures and my mycus, that our puny little planet isn’t even a distraction for it, if anything its using the nexus think of its forces here to coordinate elsewhere, leaving them simpler to fight here.

Lore is that the world is laregly a lost cause at this point, noone we have access to has any ability to do more than fight in final bastions, being to difficult to be worth the effort of consuming by the larger factions.

I thought it was just the new england quarantine. Has the lore been changed once again?

I think that was the start, but comunications have been cut, so we have heard no news of anything outside the New England area, so its total mystery at this point.

The seperation between Here and Elsewhere has been loosened/broken down at least 3 factions that fight on the dimensional/ multigalactic scale have multiple footholds locally. Stable portals are no longer just in labs, but just kind of show up in fields and forests with none aware of their existance/location.

If other parts of the world are holding on/faring better at this time, we have no way of getting word to/from them or coordinating with them in any way. It could still be local, or russia and antarctica could be plunging into cataclym as well, we are unaware at this time.

Can you point to a source that says this is the case? I’ve never seen one, just people repeating it. As long as I’ve been involved with the project (5+ years) the lore has been, “everywhere is screwed, but maybe it started in NE”.

7 billion 750 million 235 thousand zombies against what’s left of humanity. Night falls on humanity. It’s just a matter of years.

Go the the cdda wiki and look up the timeline.

They wouldn’t all be zombies. Some are triffid food, cannibal food, wildlife food, alien food, or mushroom incubators.


True…but the rate that fungal grooves grow…bottom line I don’t think humanity will last. Even npcs have the sense to mutate asap


Well, this is just based on my game but I think the human race is going to survive. I have almost enough people to be sufficiently genetically diverse for sustainable population growth, and we are extremely well supplied and mostly self sufficient.

I currently have around a hundred NPC’s (with clothing, body armor, and guns for everyone), an enormous army of hacked military national guard base robots and others (including a chicken walker), a secure bunker with a rebar/concrete wall, barbed wire fence, spike trench, and gun turrets (with a large farm and I’m digging out the city underground for everyone atm). I also have literally hundreds of guns, several thousand pounds of ammo and explosives, massive quantities of food, medical supplies, and hundreds of gallons of gasoline, diesel, and water. Oh, and a couple hundred CBMs, along with an autodoc in the bunker to install them on people.

As for the fungus, I’ve systematically sterilized an absolutely enormous map area, as in multiple over-maps. I’ve also killed every dangerous creature I could find in a huge area around my base. All cities, Slime pits & bee hives, and almost all anthills nearby have been purged.

The area around my new city is relatively safe now, and our base is close to impregnable. It would already be EXTREMELY difficult for any group of humans or massed assault by monsters to destroy us at this point. And the longer we survive and expand, the more difficult it will become.


Nameless is doing similar to what i am aiming for in my current game. I have begun the process of creating more faction camps , but he is obviously further along. I have amassed some military hardware and dissasembled enough vehicles to keep my currently 2 tanks, 2 apc’s, and 1 howitzer not to mention a few custom vehicles repaired and moving for quite a while. Shame npc’s can’t drive. Also wished i could store diesel in larger tanks like water towers but i may mod that in for myself.

If it were real, with only the info presented in the game and human history to go by, i actually think humans would survive. Now if they could be recognized as “human” when it all stabilizes is another matter completely.


From a lore point of view humanity is doomed. The world is overrun with otherworldly horrors, 99% of humanity is zombies, the local fauna is turning into monsters. Anybody in the cities dies to the giant hordes of zombies and anybody in the wilderness is likely to get eaten by mi-gos, giant worms/ants/bees/spiders or just get mutilated by a Jabberwock. The few lucky ones to survive eventually have to face the Blobs/Triffids/Fungus as they expand their territory. Even if by some miracle someone would manage to kill off large forces of the invaders it would only result in the blob sending in powerful reinforcements, like an army of shoggoths or even worse.

From a the point of view of the player of the game humanity can definitely survive. The player can easily become a demi-god capable of massacring entire towns without breaking a sweat. With the latest military technology you can get an army of people with laserguns that have a renewable power source, and thus, never run out of ammo. You can become absolutely invincible with a suit of power armor. Finding a few NPC’s isn’t that hard and with all of the resources available to the survivors it is pretty obvious that mankind will live on.


Nothing about that says its limited to NE, just that it started there.

Hey there, your post got me thinking and opining. I’m for sure not attacking you personally attacking you and look forward to being proven wrong, that gets me thinking deeper :slight_smile:
“99% of world population is gone”
-By projected 2070 figures that leaves us with near the same as 1000 BC, around 100 million. There were a a few powerful civs then and even a good spattering of cultural and scientific development with a decent birth rate.
“There are few or no doctors (esp surgeons) so surgery, childbirth etc will be very risky and dangerous”

  • This, while can be reasonably accurate, is still a guess, or at most inference. And on that note we can also infer a majority of the population has a medical knowledge far exceeding that of even 150 yrs ago(Knowledge of anesthesia and that puss is not something to be shared). Which would allow for a standard of care/knowledge still far exceeding the historical average.
    "The remaining 1% of world population also includes bandits, rapists, cannibals, thieves and other people who do not care about their race’s future. They care only about themselves so they will not fight for it.
    -A macro assumption, and even at face value that allows for only 1 million of the survivors to be such, leaving the bandits and such massively outnumbered by humanity and their predators. And which example of thousands from human history should be pointed to to prove that in the wake of common enemy people unite? Certainly religious zealotry would be a greater threat than banditry from within. And even religion has proven to cooperate in the face of defeat.
    “North America is now inhabited with 579 million zombies. How long would it take to kill them all? How many resources are needed? And what with the rest of the world? What about the blob, ants, fungus, triffid?”
    -A long time! Though from whats seen of the blob, fungus, and triffids they will suffer from the same weakness that has allowed us to subjugate the earth. Technology. They don’t use technology and humanity always does. And that is why humanity will win, our techno-mindedness, resilience, and reproduction rate. Agent Smith in the Matrix was not wrong in noting our similarities to a virus.
    “Humans love war. I think that after some time many various groups of survivors (faction camps) will be created and they will fight with each other.”
    -And where will humanity find the time, resources, or manpower to spare against each other while fighting extinction? Not everyone thinks of fighting a two front war. When humanity begins to fight eachother on a faction/(nation state?) scale that will be a sign it’s regaining dominance and has an expendable population in the region.The infighting could most likely come after general pacification and re-population of an area, when most outward threats have been removed.
    -What are the other things?
    Thank you for the post, you gave me a good mental exercise there and I hope I can get more. I apologize if I’m being presumptuous,but it seems many of your points are coming from a TWD and general fiction reality What do you base your statements on?.

There will always be lewd anime in Japan,apooclyse or not. Why do you think RE took the time to make sure we knew there was a Japanese base that survived? Even hollywood knows anime artists will survive the apocalypse, There will always be someone who wants to touch themselves to Final Fantasy characters, and that someone will probably be a politician. Thus insuring what Hirohito always wanted for the world.


From what I know you’d need over 500 and near 1000 for enough genetic diversity to ensure the survival of the species. and thats not counting the population that would have to be considered expendable for defense, expansion, and hardship to maintain, much less expand, the average population. 100 will get you about a thirty year lease with three generations of genetic issues before sad, incestuous die out. With no change obviously. More people saved the better the outlook gets