Draw Your Cataclysms

College is nothing like highschool x_x with ~50+ people, the professor doesn’t care, and I took the picture after class.

During highschool, I was sent to detention more times that I care about for drawing.

Haha you got into the detention for drawing where you studied?

That is some harsh punishment, I mean how is it different from just not paying attention at all the profesor does like the other students in the room do

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:630, topic:441”]Haha you got into the detention for drawing where you studied?

That is some harsh punishment, I mean how is it different from just not paying attention at all the profesor does like the other students in the room do[/quote]

I might pay more attention when the teacher does something other than teach straight from the book. It’s like wasting a thousand bucks to have someone read to you from a $200 book…

[quote=“DTF, post:3, topic:441”]

Sometimes, I feel bad using windows. Only sometimes.[/quote]

I just remembered when this thread started, and those without talent weren’t intimidated from posting a funny.

Seriously, as much as I love the sweet quality art too, some of the early ragecomics-esque stuff was DAMN FUNNY. I enjoy good situational humour. HAVE AT!

I’m trying to pencil up a sort of character reference pic of my cata self - like the drunk one I did, but… sober. And with a pencil tool instead. And way more hours invested. I think I’m overworking the pic, bleh. I overwork pieces too easily.


Whuslap. There are errors all over the place that I’m mostly aware of because I’ve made them a few times. Anatomical things, foreshortening things. Overall though… dear god I’d forgotten how tediously slow I found digitally-emulated 4H pencils. From now on the pencilwork is gonna be on real paper, or for undersketch business before I lay down the ink. Until I have the time or commitment to train myself into a better work process, I’m sticking to inkstuffs so I can at least see a picture through from beginning to end.


D’awwwwww look at those little fish antlers.

More fungal stuff

A fungal boomer

Pure Fungaloids (that I am not completely happy with, actually has someone here any idea of how a fungaloid should look like?)


OMG I like that fungal boomer. Super spooky.

Bubbadoo: Now imagine tiny Hoss with a butcher’s knife :smiley:
(Don’t worry, he just likes cooking.)

These monster drawings are so cool I want to implement monster portrait display into the tiles version somehow. =3

I’d avoid the toadstools myself - the fungaloids move about and sort of poof out their spores, and toadstools (agaric spore carriers) really don’t fit. There are plenty of non-toadstool designs to pick from, and most are more appropriate. (click to enlarge)

But even more appropriate might be pulling from the fungal families the in-game fungus is based on. Think Asocarps more than Toadstools.

Or even pull from some not quite fungal fruiting bodies

Also - Fungaloids have tentacles they use for moving around and slapping things! This is how I’ve always seen the fungal towers, with these tentacles ringing the top (but giant, obviously):

Ultimately, what they really look like is open to interpretation and is probably a good deal more alien than any of the individual organisms above, but hopefully this will give you some awesome ideas.

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Whoah that is some good reference! Thank you!

Probably going to mix a lot of them and see what comes out

Posted an expanded version of that post in it’s own thread, since it’s a common question.

MS Paint on a windows 8 computer? Preposterous!


Hand drawing with photos taken with a webcam because I want to be rubbish on the internet.

Yeah guys, what’s the deal with people being bashful? Look where the thread started.

You can have good content and a humorous idea delivered well in a drawing without having any actual artistic talent.

Do you refuse to talk to people because you can’t sing?

Get on with it. Share your ideas.


Fucking… ARGH…

No webcam either.

Ipod. I shall try a Ipod. I really want to do this for some reason.

Man, I don’t have a scanner either - just a camera. UUUGH UAC? TURN THAT JAZZ OFFFFFFFFF! (It’s actually short for Unbelievably Annoying Crap)

post what you can, however you can! Blame the apocalypse for low resolution.

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No UAC + Not a admin + Fuck me = I hate windows 8. Also, I lost my Ipod. SLARTIBARTFAST.

Oh. I am accustomed to just always having the admin account. …I have no idea if this is normal or not.

I had to disable UAC on my PC as well, even though I’ve got an admin account going.

That’s Windows Vista for yah.

I always had two different accounts and a backup… I mess stuff up inadvertently so often that its not even funny. now I keep finding myself trying to sudo on my windows computer.

Lowest privileges operating… damage control for the overenthusiastic power user

Fun fact:

You really shouldn’t be puttering around with an administrator’s account for your general day to day use. Windows isn’t mean to operate that way.

You should make two accounts, one is an administrator account (call it “Maintenance” or whatever) and one is just a general user account (name this after yourself or whoever). Use the general user account as your default account and let windows do its thing normally, disable UAC and all that jazz and just continue on like normal.

When something screws up, it’s screwed up within that environment of a regular user account, and much easier to fix by logging back in as your administrator account and fixing the problem. On the off chance you’ve installed malware or screwed up your registry or drivers, it’s only happened on a regular user level and not your computer-wide admin account.

tl;dr if you are using the administrator account all the time because you think you’re a smarty pants and you know what you’re doing the truth is you don’t know what you’re doing and only making things worse for yourself. stop that.