Draw Your Cataclysms II


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Share more Cataclysm doodles!

(neither the moose nor the judoka are my work)


I shall soon invest in this thread, after I post Lydia on her specified thread first of course. :grin: Yes, her hat looks much better now, just a couple more changes. hmm…


Blobs Encounter


I like the floral print.


Nice. Is that skyline backdrop hand-drawn, or a photo with a filter?


This thread could use a bump:

Here’s my survivor with a rail gun:


The military one or the homemade one?


Man i wish i could draw like that


The Super rare G80 one.

Not that hard to reach my skill level, a year with some semi-constant practice will get you there.

"Dog is approaching! Stop reading y/n?"

A newbie tried to eat a dog corpse pressing E on it


Is it possible you could point me in the right direction in terms of tutorials?


Seems like I’ve lost all the links to the tutorials I used when starting. I recommend books though, find them better at explaining

This page and site seem to have pretty much all the basic books, tips and some online resources:


The books are rather common, if you have acces to a local library you’ll most likely find them there.
I guess you can pirate them too, they probably are online


I always wanted to learn how to draw. Never made the time for it.

It’s interesting because I know a lot of artists and they all want to be writers or singers. I’m a writer and singer and I just want to know how to paint x_x


That second one reminds me of Nethack. Gotta stop those troll corpses from regenerating, man!


Until Mantar’s reply I didnt notice that there was art hidden in Midas’ post. Those spoiler tags are really easy to miss.

Thanks god PR#23116 happened and that this is a thing of the past:

Gonna miss that. Goes right to the shelf besides throwable karate, hallucinations becoming real, and the ghost cars.

Hmm now that I think of it, Kevin (or was it Darkling Wolf?) still owes me the throwable Karate easter egg.


Ghost car? I am aware of everything besides that and throwable karate. The karate one seems self explanatory however.


–In terms of art, it’s one of those skills you can only ‘learn’ to a certain point. Much of it comes from expirence and learning rather than anything else. Take time frequently and do some art, make it challenging and you’ll get better over time. If you do easy things all the time, it will be hard to progress, and all you’ll really do is stay where you are at.
–I really need to make more time for art myself, since I’m decent but nothing more. I especially like drawing people and humanoids, but it’s a pain to get it all right. Not everyone looks the same either, and realistic proportions are a massive pain. It somewhat amuses me how I ran into a couple of people that haven’t done much art before, and they insisted drawing a woman’s breasts was easy. Ya, their pictures sucked to say the least.
–And another tip for learning to do art is use references! Even more so in the beginning. That picture in your mind will only go so far if you don’t have a visual idea of it. Later on, it won’t be too needed, but when you first start out, look at pictures all the time. And to warn you, if you intend to draw people, it’s common that you need to look at either skimpy or nude people to properly understand human anatomy. Just try not to get into straight up porn when doing so… Also, Pinterest is really useful for references if you phrase things right.


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When I get some time, might make some crappy mspaint comics.