Draw Your Cataclysms II


Ok, that got a literal laugh out loud. Keep up that attitude and you’ll be working for Dice in no time :joy:

edit- no insult to people who like current Dice games, the company set themselves up to be the butt of a few jokes, not the players.


So my current character was a DJ…and has a POWERED radio station. She wants all the survivors out there to hear this. Dont give up…that tiny pocket knife can win the day. And STAY TUNED for Molly’s weekly radio song.


This is our lovely Molly ^


Just tiny bit of criticism : maybe since it’s not a drawing it could go in What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!

Or since it’s a cool RP idea you could post a story of it in The Library


LOVE it. will do sorry for the mispost



Welp, this is my newest survivor: Shuichi Saito, from the manga Uzumaki. It’s pretty much a skinny intelligent coward.



Let me learn how to draw so I can draw my character running himself over.


i want to learn that how to draw these pictures


This is a picture of my first long-runner character by John Candlebury. He never got a chance to finish it (but that’s not easy to tell by looking at it). His name is Crazy Jack, and he’s a Medical Mutant with his trademark Kevlar Scarf. He also has the honor of being the first character made for my game, Genefreaks.


Nice style. I love it.


Stavros the Second tripping a zombie and promptly axe kicking a new hole for it’s head, killing it.


Maddy Kane.


She’s so fast for tentacle legs on land. She’s practically claimed the forums since the last time I logged in :stuck_out_tongue:




My first attempt at drawing my character.


That’s a freaking awesome fire attempt!


Hey thanks! It’s my first attempt at drawing a character but I used to do a little freelance multimedia art back in college. I’ll try to dig up a few pieces I worked on for a friend who was/is writing code for a game he’s making on Android.



As the first zombie that he’s ever seen approaches Stavros The Second Jr, he realizes that all that marksmanship training his father had forced him to do during his long childhood may not have been such a waste after all.


“First attempt” Brushes shoulder lol :smiley:


"Before the Cataclysm…