Character Portraits

Similar [glow=green,2,300]to draw your cataclysm[/glow] I made this to post for people to draw what they think there character looks like.

Challenge: some one draw a person with a fanny pack and a snuggie murdering zombies with a chainsaw

Special thanks to: woflsipder, Slax, Pthalocy, and An0n3 for giving me the idea

That would be CataRivet in the snuggie/fanny pack/chainsaw ensemble that I posted in
If you’re wondering what she looks like just look to my forum avatar and imagine her without the necrotic skin and glowing eyes.

Well Rivet I drew it and put it on Draw your cataclysms it doesn’t look like your avatar though I drew it after posting.

It doesn’t quite look like me but your heart’s in the right place. Awesome picture!

Thank you!!!