Draw Your Cataclysms II


Yeah, didn’t want to make it too anatomically correct because I didn’t want to make it too inappropriate. I made the image 31x31 pixels and converted it to 248 for the actual gif. So the pixel size is the same as in game.


Right on. Man, I wonder what the guys who made games in the 80s and 90s must think of these programs. The dozens of hours it used to take to make such a gif, we have it pretty easy now :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s for sure. Working with layers is still a pain in the ass though. Still can’t figure out how to copy selections in Piskel either XD


I can say from experience, Construct 2 is great for getting your bearings with layers. If it wasn’t for that game engine it would have taken me muuuch longer to properly enact multiple, not to mention parallax, layers in games.

It should be improved(!), but in the meantime here are the steps:

  1. choose a selection tool.
  2. select an area on the screen.
  3. copy (ctrl+c) or cut (ctrl+x) (or cmd+c and cmd+x if on Mac)
  4. move your selection (don’t switch tools, just click and drag the selected area, you should see the cursor change)
  5. paste (ctrl+v or cmd+v)

Thats a few steps for sure and I’m guessing its not just that easy. Its never just that easy when it comes to computer programs, lol.
I will never forget the single windows error I had trying to get Perfect Dark to work on an emulator. 6 HOURS to solve one problem I’ve never had to solve since, its never just that easy


Oh, yeah that worked. Thanks a bunch lol. I wanted to copy an arm and then mirror it instead of drawing another from scratch XD


Hahahahaha, awesome! Glad I could unknowingly help :smiley:
You are truly blessed by the Digital Gods today


That’s actually the first gif I’ve done using actual layers XD before I modified the individual frames themselves.


I don’t even want to imagine the time it took to do that. The animators for old Disney movies would probably be nodding in solidarity with you. How long did it take you doing frame by frame(and how did you maintain your sanity doing it?? lol)


Well, the last gif I did that was frame by frame wasn’t anything too great lol




We all suck at the beginning, or think we do. Rightfully or otherwise, lol. I’m starting to feel like I’m setting the thread off topic, in my own little way, haha. That minigun guy needs another sprite thats being ground to a pulp over and over again by the bullets. lol. Contra 2 CDDA reskin


Yeah, I might modify it later on.


Thats the frame by frame gif?


Yup. Just alternated the barrel lighting, repositioned the rain drops, added light flashes, brass drops and the belt feed.


Though the skill isn’t rare these days, thats damn good. Seriously looks like a sprite I’d see in an arcade game, the art style is spot on.
Its amazing what can be done with 5-10 frames.


Well, I imagine my art will only get better as I learn how this program works lol


Dude(tte), keep it up!


I will. Lol Thanks again.


For sure, lol, and for fairness sake if you produce a piece of crap I will be critical. But seeing as you’re not employed by EA I imagine I will only have praise. lmao


Well I only make 31x31 images and gifs. So quality is kinda out the window :stuck_out_tongue: