Draw Your Cataclysms II


…I didn’t hear their voices"

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Installing second-hand bionics (slightly nsfw?)


Would argue both parts of the image are NSFW by general internet standards.


I hate it when the principal dresses like me. That a-hole


XD I kept looking for a scar or something where the bionics where installed until I saw it in the arm.


But Stavros’ lack of a proper change of clean drawers told him there was still much to learn.

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well dank… second flag in my posting career… at least now i know the rules are up and good.


Are you sure this is the right thread to post your bugs?


That is where you are wrong. Stavros is impeccable at laundry. Unopposed. He is a GOD when it comes to laundry. You’d never catch the man wearing dirty drawers.

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A poor attempt at a live action version of my squid girl toon Maddy Kane. Done with basic GIMP.


It’s fairly simple, but nice. I like it.

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i just realized that photo above has some familiar detail…

the face of the girl is similar to Mad Moxxi from borderlands series…


Made a little .gif c:
It’s a retrodays survivor with an… AK-style rifle (?) c:



My crew.

Josh, Ruby and Liv.


Npc companions? …


That is seriously badass.


The main character is Joshua “Josh” Hayes. He has mutated all over the place and got bark skin and deformed among other things so he tends to keep the gasmask equipped.

The NPC’S are Ruby Davis, kickass sword fighter extraordinaire, and Olivia “Liv” Moore, teenage mostly non combatant.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:


Awesome. All of my characters have back stories that involve each other. Great pic btw. Also is the ghost buster apc thier ride?


Yup. The APC is their long range exploration vehicle, equipped with all the comforts like fridge, freezer and a cooking unit. It’s a Diesel/Electric hybrid with a roof full of solar panels. The Ghostbuster logo I imagine would have been been Liv’s idea. Spawned form a comment about the crew being like Ghostbusters but for zombies.
For scavenging trips to the closest town and such they have an electric motorcycle as a shorter range scout bike.

The crew is set up in a farm a ways of from a double city divided by a river. The farm is is an ongoing project but it has solar power, a reinforced barn with the roof removed to park the solar powered vehicles and a basement for traveling between the buildings without having to go outside as well as for the electric wiring… and for storing the massive amounts of nuclear bombs that Josh brought home from a Lab dive. The perimeter existing of a moat with sharpened spikes is not quite finished.

Josh did save Ruby and Liv from cannibalistic raiders. I imagine Liv having adopted Ruby as a substitute mother figure. Liv serves as a medic and home base defence. I guess she got her rather high medic skills from helping out here mother at the vet clinic. She prefers to use a reach weapon like spear or awl pike so she doesn’t need to get close to the “icky Zeds” and just poke them from afar. She also carries a light compact SMG as an emergency weapon.
Ruby used to work as a bartender/cook at a motorcycle bar before the cataclysm arrived. She led a hard life before the cataclysm and she continues to do so now, just more of the assholes that needs a kick to the head these days. She is quite good at decapitating zombies with her sword and carries a compact shotgun for those times when things don’t go according to plan.

Josh found himself trapped in jail when the cataclysm hit. Not so surprising as he tended to find himself in there from time to time. The old world had to many rules.
He managed to escape with the help from a fellow inmate. That guy is dead now, no tears were shed over him though as he was definitely not a good man and their partnership was more one of convenience then friendship. That being said he did die trying to get Josh in to the hospital to fix his broken legs. The desperation from losing his companion, running low on food, having broken legs and finding the machines in the hospital that could have fixed them smashed to pieces made him turn to the stash of mutagens he had accumulated to try and get rid of his genetic defect that kept him from healing on his own (imperceptive healer trait).

It was many months later that he ran across the raiders. He was actually going to let them be at first as he was on a mission to gather solar panels at the time, turning the APC around to leave as they made the mistake of firing at him. Couldn’t have people around that wanted to kill him now could he. Letting the .50 cal machine gun mounted on the APC greet these new found neighbours he was caught up in the action and missed the fact that they had booby trapped the whole driveway with spiked planks and caltrops. When the gate guards where dead he found himself without functioning wheels on one side of the vehicle. He couldn’t leave the APC full of his precious loot sitting on the driveway of a raider base while he scampered of to find replacements so he had no choice but to grab the largest gun he had and head in.

*The stories about the NPC’s pre cataclysm experiences and personalities is actually what I imagined based on the stats and skills they had when I picked them up and not something that is in the game. Like Liv having str 6 and dex 6 made me think she was a clumsy teenager. She does however have high first aid skills and so maybe she had a mother that was a veterinarian that she helped out in the summers.

Sorry about the wall of text. :smiley: