Draw Your Cataclysms II


…I didn’t hear their voices"


Installing second-hand bionics (slightly nsfw?)


Would argue both parts of the image are NSFW by general internet standards.


I hate it when the principal dresses like me. That a-hole


XD I kept looking for a scar or something where the bionics where installed until I saw it in the arm.


But Stavros’ lack of a proper change of clean drawers told him there was still much to learn.


well dank… second flag in my posting career… at least now i know the rules are up and good.


Are you sure this is the right thread to post your bugs?


That is where you are wrong. Stavros is impeccable at laundry. Unopposed. He is a GOD when it comes to laundry. You’d never catch the man wearing dirty drawers.


A poor attempt at a live action version of my squid girl toon Maddy Kane. Done with basic GIMP.


It’s fairly simple, but nice. I like it.


How’s Abe doing. Alive and well I hope


i just realized that photo above has some familiar detail…

the face of the girl is similar to Mad Moxxi from borderlands series…


Made a little .gif c:
It’s a retrodays survivor with an… AK-style rifle (?) c: