Art of the Cataclysm


Just thought that I would start a general thread for art relating to Cataclysm DDA.
I will start things off by posting my weekend project. It’s an image inspired by the game but not something specific from my playthrough.

I call it “Keep walking stranger”, changed from “Just keep on walking stranger” after a suggestion by Damnit-Jenkins, but maybe it should be called “out of stamina” or “the waiting button” ? :slightly_smiling_face:


“Keep walking stranger” sounds like a great title.

Nice work!


Awesome price of art!


Sounds like this would basically be a more generic version of that ‘draw you character’ thread. Sounds like a cool idea to me.
Nice bit of art there.


Yes, that was the idea. I couldn’t really put this is in draw your character because it is not. So i thought this kind of thread might be needed.


Right you are, sounds better… and thanks.


All I got right now. Working on a new one as I write this


Made a personal interpretation of your Maddy Lee Kane character. Hope you don’t mind.


OMG man. Amazing job. Do you take requests? :slight_smile:


Pro skills right there. Pro. Skills.


This is amazing. Thank you so much. Feel free to use her in any scenes you like. :sunglasses::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::smiley:


Was just an experiment. Found a 3D model of an octopus last night so I came up with the idea to try to make some tentacle legs out of it. :smiley:

Glad you approve though.


Not sure. Maybe if I find that I have some time left over.
Can’t promise anything but what did you have in mind?


Well you did a fantastic job. :octopus::octopus::octopus:


Well. I didn’t draw the thing as such. Kitbashing from stock 3D models, posing, lighting adding photos of the banjo and saber that I didn’t have 3D models for. Editing it and color correcting in Photoshop followed by a Prisma filter.
I can draw just not at this level.


Its still amazing work dude. Some of us window licking ms paint users trying to google gimp without being distracted by latex suits.


May I ask what program you used


As I didn’t create any assets for this one I used Daz studio for the 3D parts. The lower body with the skirt and tentacles was kind of messy so I ended up rendering tentacles, coat and skirt separately so that I could layer and edit them followed by painting shadows in photoshop. After editing and adding the photo elements I used the Prisma app to generate some filtered images for a more painted feel. Then back to photoshop to combine the filtered image with the original followed by color correction.

Here is one with a transparent background if you want to use some other background for the character.
Just use PhotoShop or Gimp and put the image on a layer above the background. You might need to delete some of the ground shadows to make it sit right.


(More of an edit than art) Maddy sans top hat and coat. Tried to add her neck gills . Model is Obsidian kerttu.


Previous thread of this type, linked for posterity :slight_smile: