Deonapocalypse tileset (Release 4)

Uh, Deon, did you notice the post from me earlier? I figured you would answer if you noticed.

Sorry that I did not answer :D. I have all tiles for creatures and for most items already, I just need to paste them in the spreadsheet and link them to item IDs.

Deon I keep seeing you pop up on all my favorite RL’s and as with DF your art here is beyond superb, can’t wait to see the finished product. I have been waiting for this one!

Sir you deserve to be worshipped by this community!
Keep them comming! Can anything be do e with the ? Vehicules[/quote]
Vehicles are the same as in the ASCII game, it’s just hard to understand where is what until I finish the tiles for their parts :).[/quote]
They still show up as question marks here, i also noticed that corpses are invisible except for zombie dogs.
Also this is what happened when i opened the game for the 2nd time after playing with it just fine last night (havent updated since).

They still show up as question marks here,

That is because there is no tile for them yet. He was saying that the way vehicles work will be the same as in the ASCII version, but since they don’t have graphics they just appear as question marks.

I’ve made unique icons for all ammo types. Let me finish guns and I will upload a new version.

Also I’ve made placeholder tiles for cars. They look like something weird:

But it’s much better than ???. Once I am done with items I will work on cars more.
Btw motorcycles, bikes etc look well.

Release 4

Icons for all ammo types, vehicle icons, missing furniture icons.

New style for some old furniture, new style for walls/floors.

Good ! I already loved what you did for other games, thanks a lot.

Looking Good! Have you considered playing with the multitile options for your walls? I think it could reduce some of the “blocky-ness” without a whole lot of work…

No multitile for walls for a single reason: multitile support is currently too simple. It allows top-down view for walls but it does not look well in comparison to isometric furniture.

Once a better tile transition is implemented I will restore isometric walls like these:

By the way, I have a crazy idea to render the vehicle in it’s cannonical orientation and rotate the whole thing for display, I’m not at all how well it’ll work out, but vehicles might end up looking a bit better than we fear with tiles.

Well I have a video up for release 4. It definitely looks better without all the question marks laying around. The vehicles as mentioned are placeholdery though you can tell they are vehicles.

Deon, could I have your permission to use this tileset in my mod, and possibly make new textures for it? If so, that would be great!

Awesome work!

Although I can’t seem to open refrigerators etc. with ‘o’ - is this normal?

[quote=“Kaje, post:34, topic:2922”]Awesome work!

Although I can’t seem to open refrigerators etc. with ‘o’ - is this normal?[/quote]
you cant open containers such as lockers, cupboards or refrigerators yet, you have to use “e”.

Sure, go ahead! It will take a bit to finish (the work weekend is over, I finally slept today… It means I should be back to finishing the tileset soon :)).

Is there a way to use this with the os x version?

Yes, replace the GFX folder.

the os x version does not have a gfx folder and adding one with the files doesn’t seem to do anything.

Where are the graphic files then? Replace them.

P.S. Oh wait, I am not sure if there’s an experimental build for OS X yet, you could ask in the Experimental Build thread if it’s possible to compile that.