Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Official Merch

My name is Spencer and I have created a company called NormalityDenied. We work with gaming communities of all sizes to make cool merchandise for its fans. Part of the profits from each sale go to the game development studio. These donations help pay for expenses and to improve the game itself. In this way we’re giving back to the gaming community we are working with.

With Cataclysm DDA we’d like to give the community the lead when it comes to deciding what to do with these donations. The donation money from each sale will be saved up for forum events. These forum events will assign the money to issues the community feels are the most important. Kevin will be leading these events and everyone who wants can be involved in deciding how the funds will be used.

If anyone has suggestions for future designs they’d like to see I’d love to hear! I’m also open to any art contributions and would be happy to give credit to the original artists.

Here is our current selection -

I also wanted to give a big thanks to Kevin as well as the whole Cataclysm DDA community for allowing me to work with you guys. It means a lot to a small business owner like myself!


Just wanted to confirm for everyone that Spencer has been in touch with me to make sure he’s in compliance with applicable licenses for game content as well as community norms. If theres anything you have an issue with that he’s doing, please take it up with me, because if there’s a mistake it’s almost certainly mine.

Concerning the donations, the current plan is to run voting events on the forums to allocate funds to bountysoyrce issues on roughly a monthly basis.


I had an idea for a shirt. I’m not very good at image editing, but this is basically what I came up with.GravestonewithCDDAlog

I hope you guys like it.


Cool, I like the idea! I’ll try doing a bit of editing and see how it looks on a shirt.

I did a bit of editing and made a mockup of what it would look like. It will take a bit more editing before it’s print ready, but this should give a good idea of how it would look.

What do you think?

Once it is completely ready would you like me have your name in the description for idea credit? I’d be happy to add it.


That actually looks really good. I thought the Logo would look too dark, but no, it looks fine.

Also, yes, I would like to be credited.

Edit: I’ve gotten some criticism, and maybe the part under the “In Memory of:” should be something like “One of Billions”, or “One of Billions Lost”. Which would be better maybe.

It does seem a bit like ‘RIP cataclysm, the game is dead’. That was my first thought x_x Sorry.

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You have a good point, it might give people the wrong impression. I’ll try modifying it to say what Gabe_Lincoln suggested. That may take me a bit longer, so I’ll update you guys here in a few days when it is complete.

Oh wow loving these
What about delivery to UK?

Also would love to see the mugs in black :).

Just might have to get me a few of these items when money permits.

Awesome work man

Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

Delivery to the UK shouldn’t be a problem, although I haven’t done it before. If I run into any issues I could always contact you and either refund you or figure out the best way to get it delivered. I don’t see any issues coming up though.

Ooooooh cool… Gotta get that flaming eye mug…


i wanna buy some mugs and shirts but, im broke asf right now :drooling_face:

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Make the font thicker so we can have people actually read the shirt.

The other thing I would like. Is having the cash flow to people able to code fix and add more stuff. It should be functional for the most part before anyone gets paid too! I would hate to have random a-holes try to do things halfassed for a money grab.

Code bounties are gated by being accepted, my criteria for accepting fixes does not change based on there being money involved.

Here is the updated version. I thickened the font to make it more legible. Here’s a link.

What do you guys think?

Not sure if copyright would allow it, but retrodays could make some good images.
Thinking this, maybe add a zombie.


Also, black mugs would make the graphics stand out more.

Zombie standing at the other side of the fire could be fun.

We still need the game title! How about placing the title under the green part?

   ~Dark Days Ahead~

RetroDays tileset is pretty awesome. I may have to make a few more with these tiles.
I checked the RetroDays licensing information and its under the same type of license as the rest of CDDA.

I think your idea turned out great. Would you like credit on the product page?


When making it originally I tried with the logo above, in the middle and below but I personally preferred it without. I added a version with the game title below like you suggested. The version without the title is still available as well.