Thank You Galenevil(our full time developer)

For those that don’t know Galenevil is the full time developer. He is basically working for about what you could make working as a shift manager at McDonalds. There is a blog for Kickstarter contributors where Galenevil said that he will keep working for no additional pay if he doesn’t finish all of the ambitious things laid out in the kickstarter. So then his pay goes down even farther.

Thank You Galenevil.

He’s done some amazing stuff so far, and I have a feeling that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you, GalenEvil!

Nickboom mauls galenevil
Thanks Galenevil :stuck_out_tongue:

*Throws GalenEvil a internet cookie, rendering him dizzy.

When we get towards the end of the funds we raised I’d be willing to throw a lil bit more (not much, just my original contribution again). Though of course it depends on my financial circumstances at the time.

IIRC we should eventually be getting up another donations thing, where people will be able to donate to increase the time. (Don’t hit me if I’m wrong GlyphGryph! :P)

You are absolutely correct, and should take over rewriting NPCs so I can spend my time working on that (and fulfilling other backer rewards) instead.

OoOoOoh I think I know a good place to put a donate button on these forums! If I remember, I will make a little mock up of it when I get home.

Do we have a branch set up for the NPC rewrite somewhere yet?

I would suggest doing as Toady does for Dwarf Fortress. A continuous support option for a game in development like this one is perfectly acceptable. I’ve paid more for DF over the years than a AAA game. This one is definitely worth it.

9 posts? bunch of ingrates…

you could do a boys of cataclysm dda video and have you guys pose in thongs? should be a hot seller with the ladies.

Thank you Galenevil and everyone else who contributes to this game. Much love, me.

If I got a CDDA T-Shirt with an @ on the back I’d gladly donate around 20-50$ USD

Let’s have my character from a while back star on a t-shirt (the one with the 50+ mutations that are listed in What’s going on in Your randomly generator apocalypse? thread) and at the bottom, Got Purifier? Or Got Mutagen?

Please either make it blatantly obvious how to make these donations when the time is right or hit me up with a PM reminder. I discovered this game too late for Kickstarter and don’t want to miss the opportunity again.

Registered here just to say thanks.

I will follow you, thanks Galen!

Yknow, I’d wear a shirt with a big 'ol @ on it and “It would be hard to eat a lighter”. Nobody’s getting that confused with other roguelikes.

Me too!