Bug: steal a dead man's mind

So i got this mission, fought my way to the scientist, used the Kit and got the data card. However, the intercom does not recognize it.

That’s because you didn’t get the mind.

When you start the mission, you get an empty card and the mind splicer kit - you’re supposed to use the kit on the person and the empty card changes into one with the databank you were supposed to retrieve.
The Mission is bugged in so far that you don’t receive the changed/filled card, so the Intercom won’t realize that you techncially did it.
If you check your map, the quest probably still points towards the dead man as well, so it’s basically stuck in that particular quest-stage.

You can however spawn it in with the debug menu if you so desire. The name is ‘neural data’. As soon as you have the Item in your inventory, the quest will trigger the next stage, meaning you can deliver the neural data to the Intercom.

Ah, alright then. Glad achievements can be turned back on.

poking this topic back open again because i DO have the neural data, but the quest isnt progressing. what now?~

oh no wait i see the issue now… it leaves you with ‘neural data (data card)’ rather than the ‘neural data’ you actually need.

still an issue by the way.

I just merged the fix for this today.