Hub01 EMP grenade missing?

I was told by the NPC that there would be some EMP grenades lying around the hub area but I can’t find any. Is there actually any nearby or is it only a chance of a drop? I found a riot control barricade nearby with some riot gear but i’m unsure that’s really enough to take down this thing.
Unfortunately I don’t have the recipe for EMPS, and using a car might also be risky as I could damage the data by running it over. The character i’m working with has only survived a couple days as a civilian so I can’t craft much…

The EMP grenades are lying around where he’s telling you to go, not around the building.

If you kill the critter without them though, you can use them on tougher machines. After several missions for the hub you can also trade for various items. Of which are possibly EMP grennies. Hope that helps =D

I guess I misunderstood. Where are they? I’ve checked the whole base perimeter but found nothing. Where should they be located?

Not sure if they changed it. But if you check the mission and check your map. It should be indicated where the target is and the dead body that has the emp grenades are usually close by. As in, the corpse with the grenades are near the destination.

Usually you can thwart the robot with a good gun though. Hope that helps =)

There was a bug not long ago causing the data to not be extractable anyway. Not sure if that’s fixed by now or not, but you might have to spawn it in regardlessly.

Also, unless you run it over with your cars tire (or rolling drum, or track…), it should not be damaged, as far as I know (might change in the future or might already has changed, so don’t hold me responsible if it does take damage…).

I don’t know about the data spawn issue, but in my case the quest didn’t worked and never went past the “go in field and retrieve the data” task.
Killing or using the EMP both result with the data dropped by the robot, but the NPC don’t care either if you talk to him back.

There was two EMP grenade near the corpse in the field though, ready to be used.

Well, there seems to be a bug with missions at the moment: At reloading the game, it “forgets” that a mission was given out.

That aside, this is what I meant with “the data is not extractable”:

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