Whoops. Intercom hates me now. (Hub quest glitch?)

So, I was doing the first quest for Mr Intercom (or Miss Intercom? Didn’t check) and I ended up chopping the target up with a nodachi and brought the data recorder back to the Hub. Only Intercom didn’t want to know about it. I wasn’t sure if it was because I hadn’t gone to the scientist’s body first, so I went back and found their junk. Picked up the ECM grenades etc. (Oddly I didn’t find the body?) Back to the Intercom, no joy.

Only this time I tried to persuade them to let me trade anyway. Bad move. Now all they say is “We haven’t changed our mind, go away.” I tried going back a week later but they must have my face on the wall somewhere as ‘persona non grata’

Is there anyway to hack the save file to get them talking again, or even persuade them that I’ve done the first mission?1

the status with the hub action is always archenemy, but still is buggy, sometimes the NPC even teleports outside and since you get close and it hates you, you cant complete the quest inles it is from talking to it with the intercom

I am talking to the Intercom.