Hub 01 - questions

  1. Are items refreshed periodically? How often?
  2. If I sell sth in Hub, can I buy it back after refresh or it disappear?
  3. If I open metal door with intercom in Hub then npc will be angry at me? (with acetylen torch)
  4. If I open metal door without intercome in Hub then npc will be angry at me? (with acetylen torch)
  1. About once a day, BUT you must have them outside your reality buddle for it to work.
    So a day away will work.
  2. After refresh any stuff you sell will be gone.
  3. Super angry. They will try to kill you ( or maybe just an empty room with no one, because they’re ghosts ).
  4. About the same

Now a quick question of mine:
Is the hub 1 personal environment suits bought from them or found? Or both?

AFAIK, is only found in the lockers from the buildings, i havent seen the npc selling them (maybe i have just been unlucky)

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I got one from mission with missing npc (robot killed him).

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They also offer to sell you a hub suit during the third mission.


So I barged into Hub and in basement guards attacked me, but… in intercom I could still buy items. Is it a bug?

Yes, I still have to fix that.

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Hi all

regarding the first mission which is

Get the I/O device or use EMP nades on the actual robot but I can never find the robot I do see a dead body though which only has the EMP nades.

Any one actually finished this quest with out spawning in an I/O device as per mission?.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ll have a red arrow pointing towards it if it’s off your current map screen and a red dot on the map when you’re on the right map screen. (If it’s your current highlighted mission)

Yep I have got to the correct coordinates its just that the robot is no where around.

Usually I just find it nearish the body.

hmmm ok wonder if its one of the mods I use.
I shall look into it thanks for replying :slight_smile: