Hub 01 - questions

  1. Are items refreshed periodically? How often?
  2. If I sell sth in Hub, can I buy it back after refresh or it disappear?
  3. If I open metal door with intercom in Hub then npc will be angry at me? (with acetylen torch)
  4. If I open metal door without intercome in Hub then npc will be angry at me? (with acetylen torch)
  1. About once a day, BUT you must have them outside your reality buddle for it to work.
    So a day away will work.
  2. After refresh any stuff you sell will be gone.
  3. Super angry. They will try to kill you ( or maybe just an empty room with no one, because they’re ghosts ).
  4. About the same

Now a quick question of mine:
Is the hub 1 personal environment suits bought from them or found? Or both?

AFAIK, is only found in the lockers from the buildings, i havent seen the npc selling them (maybe i have just been unlucky)

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I got one from mission with missing npc (robot killed him).

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They also offer to sell you a hub suit during the third mission.


So I barged into Hub and in basement guards attacked me, but… in intercom I could still buy items. Is it a bug?

Yes, I still have to fix that.


Hi all

regarding the first mission which is

Get the I/O device or use EMP nades on the actual robot but I can never find the robot I do see a dead body though which only has the EMP nades.

Any one actually finished this quest with out spawning in an I/O device as per mission?.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ll have a red arrow pointing towards it if it’s off your current map screen and a red dot on the map when you’re on the right map screen. (If it’s your current highlighted mission)

Yep I have got to the correct coordinates its just that the robot is no where around.

Usually I just find it nearish the body.

hmmm ok wonder if its one of the mods I use.
I shall look into it thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Hi, did ya find the item for the 3rd misison? Man, having difficulties finding cause I have no clue how it looks like.

Should be in the metal room with the broken nanofabricator in the upper left corner of the basement.

Its called nanofabricator template: silicon photonics.

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Yeah found it. Thank you

my hats off to you ppl, i just spawn it after getting the mission, a helluva lot of monsters near the tower and a labyrinth as an underground, with a helluva monsters too, or maybe its just the secronom mod

Nah, fallen towers always have crapload of tough monsters in and under them, even in vanilla. My biggest trouble with that mission is that there’s no way to the lower level. I mean, if you’re “lucky” you’ll find elevator shaft which you can jump down. And break everything. And afterwards have to construct the way up somehow. But usually it’s just tons of monsters, and NO way down. Good luck guessing where exactly you have to mine down…

I’m yet to actually complete this mission but each time I’ve reached the tower there have been one or more stairs in the building that say they end in a shear drop. Sometimes they’ve been covered by debris so can be hard to find.

You can get down these stair drops by having a grappling hook in your inventory.

Seems like my was burn down.Is there any possible varian of getting it without cheats and looting every place? Some kind of mission reset or so.