NPC Missions broken after a few days?

So I have had issues in the past couple weeks when trying to complete my NPC friend’s mission. I am currently using 10262, and don’t know what version it was a couple of weeks ago, but it was the most recent.

So I get given the mission. 1- The mission to get data from a PC and put it on a USB, and now 2 - the mission to kill a Jabberwock.

I do other things for a few days, survive, scavenge. During which I tell the NPC to guard a position, somewhere safe. A couple times I talk to him to get some training. Initially, I get the “have you done it yet?” message when I interrupt his guarding for training. The mission is still active. At some point he stops asking. The mission is still active. Eventually I get my things together and do the task, the PC and USB work/ the jabberwock is present and I kill it. The mission is still active, but the map marker does not indicate that I should return to my NPC. I return to him and talk to him. No prompt to complete, the “have you done it yet?” message is still no longer showing on starting talking to him. If I ask about tasks he offers a new job, one even said “you did that other job great, so how about this new one”. The mission is still active, I seem to have no way to finish it.

I tested the mission for antibiotics, by debug cheating the item in and giving them it, which works.
I tested the mission for jabberwock by debug cheating, works fine, NPC asks if it’s done then says thanks.

I can use debug to remove the broken mission, but that just removes it from my list, the NPC does not notice.

It seems like either the in-game week I let pass breaks something OR the ‘guard stay here/teach me something’ routine breaks something.

I had the same thing happen for the refugee NPCs.

I spent some time playing around with the debug and have narrowed down the source.

The missions work as intended until I get training from an NPC. A failed “can you teach me” changes nothing. A succseful “can you teach me” then training causes the mission to ‘detatch’ from the NPC, the “have you done it yet” option disappears and the mission can’t complete.