Is my quest bugged or am I just missing something here?

I’m on version 0.E-3 (yes, I know 0.F is out, but I’ve never had a character survive this long and don’t want to ruin the save by updating).

I’m following the questline of a random NPC I found in a field. He first wanted an American flag, then a black box from a crashed helicopter, then a transcript of that box from a lab. I got him all of these items, and he then said that we should go to this hazardous waste sarcophagus to find a team of military people that were supposed to be picked up by the helicopter before it crashed. However, although I’m standing on the target tile for the mission and have checked everywhere on the tile for said military squad, the NPC still says that the mission is incomplete. I even used the access code he gave me to get into the basement (though the target tile is on the surface) and I almost died down there, but the mission is still incomplete. So what’s happening here? Is it just that the mission is bugged in 0.E?