Brown Like Bears Tileset [Edit of Retrodays] Another version!



[quote=“Slax, post:59, topic:7696”]D’aww, what a cutie.


Oh my god I want that sprite for RetroDays, that’d suit the resolution a lot better :smiley:


I might make my own, actually. What program are you using to make these?


Just Photoshop! If you need anything, you can ask me.


Photoshop, resize, nearest neighbor.

You are now reindeer.


Hmm, gonna try that later


I can’t help but compare
only blueish


I’m not gonna lie, that made me laugh like a complete idiot



I quite like it. Original was a wee bit too eye-straining at times.

That’s nice an’ fancy, but could you do Jane? You know, the gal with riot helmet and cape.[/size]


Thanks a lot patches! We are trying here. If i get time i might get a big update for Friday, but quite a lot is going on here so I stopped development this days. Be back soon!

Ouhhhhh, just read that about making Jane! I can easily get time for that, and totally going to try it! Even more, I could try the other one too! I don’t quite remember the names and colours but oh well (?


I said over there that I’d update today, but had bad stuff that totally threw away my mood and I just wanted to lose my life playing games. Embarrassed, and sorry patches for not making your sprite, give me time, it will be the first thing I’ll work in!


Bad days happen, is okay. You are an indie crew of one making new sprites. Good luck to you!


Thanks, Ed. Really!


Yeah, it’s alright, man! Take it easy, been having a rough couple of days myself so I haven’t gotten around to updating my LP series yet, but tomorrow for sure I’ll get a new episode recorded. And as soon as the next version of BLB is ready, I’ll be using that in the LP for sure as well.


Great! Again, gonna watch it!

Also, i got some days school free. I might try.



Little Big… update. It’s like, not worthy of being called BrownLikeBears 5. So it will be 4.1 for you, ladies and gentlemen! It’s not even worth having a zombie as the main image. So get that… ehh… i forgot their name. Let’s call them whatevers.

This update comes with a little big lot of animals. Like, the forest ones. Because it’s not all of them, it’s not a big update. Why i am posting this then? To make you know that i am still working, of course!

Basically, it comes with:

-Weasels, chipmunks, squirrels, that kind of stuff.
-Bigges stuff like foxes. I think i just did foxes. Oh wait. Coyotes too.
-Some, almost none items. But it’s a start! Specially the ones you can find while smashing stuff in the basement.
-Stairs. I am not comfortable with them, but oh well. They may change, specially the “Go Up” one.
-FIXED BOOKS. The brown line was killing me. How i updated that?!
-Rock wall! Finally found it!
-The mighty Moose.
-And the Jabberwocky.

No pretty images for you tonight, sorry! But for the Big Little update, you will get them!

EDIT: That moment when you update without a link.


Also, really important!

Patchesssss! I know it’s not awesome, but taking such an awesome character in 20x20 requires a lot of effort. Specially trying to use only bright colours!
I am sorry to not be able to make a big update for you, but i really have almost no time right now, so that’s it! I really hope you like it. Also, as the major reference i had to use some fanart Lorgrin did a lot of time ago. How i miss that guy, as i missed you.



Holidays are coming here, so i will be able to finish this pretty easily soon!


Eagerly looking forward the completion of this tileset. I really like the style, especially the look of the zeds.


Hey, thanks! d:

Though it has a long way till completion, I think it’s fairly playable by now? Still, more than half the tiles are needed to be finished, especially items.


Well, this was indeed a lot of time spent, and i am hella tired but actually pretty happy how things are turning up.

Well, i got tired of playing stopping and drawing, so i just opened the Debug, the monster menu and started tiling it up from there! So i made this cuties.

The fact that i am tired is the excuse to say that there is an eel over there and some other unfinished things and stuff that was already in the game.
Anyways, now i have no school no expect updates soon? Maybe.

Like hours making this and now i see the white fish has some kind of potato tumour.
I quit.