Mod market. (links to every cool C:DDA mod, tile set, and settings add-on)

Ok so there are lots of mods, tile sets, setting modifications, etc… etc… that are not in any of the mainline versions. Please limit comments here, Mods make one post with all of your various add ons here. Please remove them WHEN they get mainlined, include a short description of what changes it makes and what category it falls into. I will try and setup in-thread links in this OP by both author and add-on type so that everyone can nab the ones they want without wading through pages of mod lists.

BrownLikeBears Tileset Author: StopSignal
A modified version of RetroDays, to my own liking. Maybe you will like it too, who knows! And that’s why, if you want, i will start sharing it here. Obviously, this is just a modified version of RetroDays.
So credit goes to Antistar, for making the awesome tileset RetroDays, that i use as template!
(Please note that StopSignal is overly modest)

Right, guess this is where you wanted me to link you to the mod I was working on?

First I need to find where I’m to post it though. >.<

EDIT: Posted.