Tsu's Tileset: continued [WIP]

Hi everyone.

Tsu’s old 16x16 is my favourite, so I thought one day: why not update it a little?

When I first opened the tilesheet in Chase’s editor it displayed some red items in the list, which were apparently being missing from the tile_config.json the last time Tsu edited it. I added a couple of these missing items (miner/hard hat) to the sheet via Tile Editor and somehow it messed up the .png layout badly. Putting them manually in the tile_config.json seemed like a good idea, but it turned out all the "fg"s were kept for the existing/placeholder tiles. I then rolled back and decided against adding any missing tiles for now.

So the basic idea, and the first task, is to replace every placeholder tile in the latest Tsu’s set being distributed with the game, using the same graphics style and trying to remain within the original palette, which was 7464 colors overall (-1 now). I’m moving alphabetically.

Here’s how it looks like (scale x2):

Some hats:


Arrows, four rifles, 12 gauge pistol and mods:

A bunch of comestibles and some tools:

Woah, you have a really good work there, bud! Continue!

Awesome! Fall in love with new Tsu!

These look great.

cant wait to try them out

Glad you guys like it. I am excited too and looking forward to the day it’s done. A mountain of items this game has is just crazy. It goes well beyond drawing, as you have to look up on all kinds of stuff. Alcohol bottles and cocktail colors, military beret types, bondage suits with zippers, fur bikini tops…

So anyway, perhaps at some point I should upload this to some convenient place, just need your suggestions as to where.

Well I put RetroDays on the Nexus, adding a CDDA section in the process.

I’m sure there are other places too - e.g. the usual temporary download places - but I’ve had a bunch of mods up on the Nexus for quite a while now (notably for Fallout 3 and NV), and it’s pretty good overall.

Notified, looking like some good work. Thank you!

Apparently I misunderstood the way food/liquids are represented when held in containers.

For example this canned pineapple here…

"type" : "COMESTIBLE", "id" : "can_pineapple", "name" : "canned pineapple", "weight" : 474, "color" : "yellow", "addiction_type" : "none", "spoils_in" : 0, "stim" : 0, "container" : "can_food",
…has a can_food defined in “contaner”.
So I thought

  • it needed a tile representing a labeled food can;
  • when it’s activated it would produce an “opened can of canned pineapples” item.
  • And if you’d pour the contents on the ground, it’d seperate into a can_food item and a (mythical) pineapple_slices item.

First testing revealed that almost any food/drink stored in a container uses default (empty) container tile, is titled "a of " and these constructions are not defined in json/items directly. As for items like can_pineapple - these are just contents of these containers.

So, you can imagine that to my dismay when I found a bar, picked up a glass bottle of tequila and emptied it on the floor, it produced… an actual bottle of tequila that I made.

Good thing it is relatively easy to redraw. Small puddles for liquids, chunks of edible matter for food.
EDIT: Alcoholic beverages in question:

This is amazing. The only reason I haven’t been using Tsu’s tileset so far were all the “NO TILE”-tiles, so it is great to see it continued, especially by such a talented artist! Seriously, great work!

I did almost exactly the same thing when working on RetroDays. Somehow though I managed to recognise the way it worked for liquids and containers (saving me from making different bottles like you did), but still get it wrong when it came to food found in tin cans. That was probably partially because of stuff like ‘tinned corn’ still being described as such even when it’s no longer in a tin, though.

This whole week I’ve been rewriting tile_config.json from scratch…

This had to be done eventually, because tile grouping was already stacked full - there is no room for new stuff. Since the list of missing objects, items and terrain is as long as the existing one, throwing new tiles and code strings at the bottom of it would mean significantly more clutter, wich means more pain in the ass for me or anyone else willing to update this tileset in the future (nothing discourages like having to sort through unfamiliar mess of code and tiles).

So after a couple hours of gathering info on forums and poking my nose in other’s tilesets I narrowed the groups down to these categories:
Vehicle parts
Items (in alphabetical order)

I’ve also had to put some effort in finding the best methods and tools for this task.
In oder to write code in general, but in particular to extract id’s from core .json files I use SynWrite: I search for “id” strings, select and copy all lines that contain it, then use simultaneous typing feature to add proper synthax before and after each line.
In order to define tile indices in the tile sheet I found this neat tool called PyxelEdit (its free beta release). All it requires is import the .png file and set tile dimensions. Then it opens the tile sheet in window and shows tile index on cursor hover.

Really need your opinion here:

[quote=“cavefish, post:13, topic:6639”]Really need your opinion here:

Dirt should NOT be green. Apart from that, can take or leave the textures.

This work is fantastic! I’ve never really used Tsu’s but this seems like good work so far. Keep it up!

[quote=“cavefish, post:13, topic:6639”]Really need your opinion here:

Sorry but don’t think that looks very attractive (in my opinion.) As KA said perhaps you could change the dark green to a shade of brown that may compliment the grass around it?

Your feedback is appreciated guys.
I agree something must be done about that green dirt, that’s why the new grass colours came up as a result of original greens not working with plain brown. Apparently changing them (and slapping textures on) wasn’t a smart move since they are an inherent part of Tsu’s set.

Apart from that, tilesheet defragmentation contunues. Terrain, fields and furniture sections were sorted out, and with that a big chunk of missing tiles was added. Next are vehicle parts, monsters, traps and then everything awaiting its turn in \items.

A little animation showing refashioned fire and smoke plus my second take on grass and dirt color:

Current tilesheet completeness (basic tiles, fields, terrain, furniture, vehicle parts and some critters):

Items section as it was when I started reorganizing (lots of ASCII tiles to replace and missing items to add - I hope I’ll get my hands on it soon):

Fire’s nifty and the smoke works well with the grey-out. Not sure about the different grass colors but the overall effect works.

Something I’ve noticed in all our tilesets: the PC is pretty pale. I imagine they might tan up a bit if outside for a while, so a little browner sprite?

Old and new creatures as of July 27 experimental monsters.json:


(Sam Witwicky with blood all over his face).

Maybe just a tad

I think I saw derphina.