Brown Like Bears Tileset [Edit of Retrodays] Another version!



I don’t know how to respond to this but I know the sense of horror things like this can cause so I just want to say that I’m sorry.

It doesn’t help now but I always work on tiles in one image and then move them to their ‘place’ when I’m done with them and I also throw copies of those image ‘collections’ in subfolders. I probably over-compensate and I have to do image purges now and again.


No, keep doing it to be honest. It’s better than having to pass through this! You can never be too sure, as the saying says.
At least I got all the code done, it’s just drawing it all back. But I had also made a ton of other random tiles I had found that I didn’t had to code, and it was just replacing. So I can’t say how big the losses were, sadly. Maybe it’s for the better!


For me, it seems like my first efforts in an area are always the best, I find it nearly impossible to replicate old efforts and end up with drastically different results any time I attempt to remake lost creations. Sorry for your loss, as someone who has accidentally wiped their entire hard drive somehow while trying to restore a small section of a large backup… You have my sympathies.


When I try to activate it it gives me this error:

Loading the tileset failed: Failed to open title info json: gfx//BrownLikeBears/BrownLikeBears/title_config.json

Halp pls :c


[quote=“A Blitzkried of Butts, post:204, topic:7696”]When I try to activate it it gives me this error:

Loading the tileset failed: Failed to open title info json: gfx//BrownLikeBears/BrownLikeBears/title_config.json

Halp pls :c[/quote]

Don’t fear, gentleman! i’ve got you covered!

This is the new version! But not the new version at the same time. But people want it, so i’ll release it as it is!

I finished my programming test so i should be open to draw ALL the lost tiles again later! But for now, take that. Hope it’s not too unfinished for you!


:smiley: Thanks for such a quick update!


Man it feels real good to be using this tileset again. Thank you again for updating this :smiley:


Stylish, clear, cute pixelated, understandable tileset. Best for me. It must be finished. \o/


(even though the clothes that this small guy has are already in the version i posted a few days ago, but whatever, hahahaha)[/center]

I remade all tiles lost and made like 30 more tiles of clothes, between the floor tile and the character overlay tile. Not much, but considering various clothes use the same overlays and tiles, it’s quite a bunch more! I’m happy with my progress today!

By the way, this great person took this tileset and filled all missing tiles with tiles from other tilesets. Quite a tongue twister there!

If you want to try it, just go here!

I’ts quite awesome to be able to walk around without fearing a weird letter to attack your sight suddenly. And i thank him a lot!

I’ll still continue this version, however, as i am a weird bug that wouldn’t be happy unless i draws all stuff myself- something i doubt i’ll ever be able to, but whatever!

Try that tileset version! If you do, just a thing, after copying it to the GFX folder, you have to copy the fallback.png from brownlikebears into the new folder, and also create a “tileset.txt” with the following text inside:

[code]#Generated from project in Cataclysm DDA Tileset Studio
#Made by Meloman with tiles from various tilesets!

#Name of the tileset
NAME: brownlikebearsR

#Viewing (Option) name of the tileset
VIEW: BrownLikeBearsR

#JSON Path - Default of gfx/tile_config.json
JSON: tile_config.json

#Tileset Path - Default of gfx/tinytile.png
TILESET: tiles.png[/code]

Let’s thank him for his great, awesome work! I’ll use it myself for now while not drawing. Try it and give your opinion!


Are there any of your new tiles in the download you linked? There are some strange differences between the two last versions.

I kinda dig the blue vehicle parts. The sidewalk tiles are nice, though I’m not sure if they fit compared to the slab style. And the two-dot highlight for multiple items on the ground is inferior to the blue square outline. Also the one you linked doesn’t seem to have the paper-doll set up properly, as in not at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Soon i’ll start working again, if school lets me! And i’m totally keeping some ideas from Meloman’s version. I hope you’ll like them! Sorry for not having much time to work on this.


So any idea what is causing my game to say that it fails to load tiles_config.json in the semi latest experimental version and I have no idea what causes it.


Go to tileset.txt and remove “BrownLikeBears” from the JSON: and TILESET: lines.


Woops, sorry for not being here to help ya sooner! Thanks Snapdragon for helping him for me.

It has been quite a while since that, yeah, and some things changed around in the way the game loads tiles. Might need to update the link sometime, though quite some time has passed since i last updated it, and i kind of already accepted i’ll never truly finish it, hehe.

Anyone can take up the torch if you wanna!
I guess one day i’ll try to continue, but who knows! The new features for tilesets seem quite fancy, so yep, quite tempting. Let’s wait for what future me has to say! I hear he is quite an awesome guy.


No offence, but I think I like future Stopsignal better. He’s a little older, but has more life experience too. :wink:

Good luck whatever you choose, but I think your tileset is currently the most complete? It’ll be hard to replace you.


Hah! it certainly is not!
Chesthole’s really complete and really awesome, and the Xotto one is quite neat as well! Also they use the new tileset features fully!
Because i’m an idiot i’d probably play the game with just ascii because it’d be weird not to use my tileset (i have this thing were, if a game’s art is moddable, I NEED TO MOD IT, see: otherwise it wouldn’t feel good. and mine is quite unfinished, but welp, hehe. I still recommend them! Also Chezzo is quite an awesome pal, so i’m happy to see how well his tileset was received, hehe


OH yes! silly me, ive only barely gotten back into it after all the computer switching and tuning Ive done recently.


A new version of this would be awesome. I loved the clarity and how easy on the eyes it was at the same time.


This is my favorite tileset, by far. Its the perfect mix of RetroDays and ChestHole. I just got back into the game again, and if noone wants to continue to work on it, or I don’t see Stop Signal, I might try and update it myself.


oh god considering the junk mail section was going to delete the mails about these posts in a few days i’m so lucky i could see your posts!

I’m seriously really busy with school and life to continue updating this tileset, sorry! But i’m seriously glad you all liked it. Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE is allowed to modify and just make whatever you want out of it, seriously! Just continue it and if you get it complete enough make a new post and publish it! I’d be so goddamn happy to see some part of my work in the official builds, something that would make all of this not go to waste, hehe

So yeah, everyone is able to modify and continue! After all, this tileset itself is a modified RetroDays, as you can see by all the yet unchanged tiles. Oops (?