Brown Like Bears Tileset [Edit of Retrodays] Another version!



Don’t worry about it man, real life takes precedence. Makes me want to actually learn how to make tilesets to improve on this one, it could be my little contribution to C:DDA.

@BuckDashing If I can get over the initial hurdle of getting to grips with updating a tileset we could totally split the workload haha.


if you need anything, just ask! i’ll try to help with your questions if you have any!


The biggest problem I have is trying to figure out all of the sprites that are missing. I’ve done some pixel work in the past, and the actual PS creative work is not the issue, but mapping the sprites appropriately is the bottleneck for me. Also, I think you could assume without me saying that I can spend about 3-4hrs a week max on this. I really want it to happen, and I don’t think I will get back into the game without this tileset work, but I’m definitely in a tight spot with with time right now IRL, don’t count on consistency.

Like, I have 2 tile_config.json’s open right now, but trying to search between them to figure out what needs to be added is a nightmare. I mean, I could, in theory, play the game and figure out the discrepancies, but I really don’t have the time, even using debug. If you have any good tips on that, I’d love to hear it.


I think my modus operandi was to have the game open with a debug character, and just run around until i find stuff that is not tiled, whether crafted or wore or just a normal world tile.
I’d have my tiles.json and other, bigger tileset’s tiles.json open in notepad++, and when i’d find a missing tile then one of two things would happen:

1- one is that the tile has the RetroDays art, and therefore has to be found within the tiles.png and then redrawn, which is the most fun part.
Sometimes however, that Retrodays tile was used for a variety of things that would have to look different in BrownLikeBears, like, i don’t know, glass sheets and paper sheets, to give an example (I think they had the same tile? hehe). Then i’d redraw the tile, (paper for example) and assign a new line of code for the different one (glass), which is quite easy, and i’ll explain it in point 2

2- it can also happen, specially with all these versions that have come and gone, that the tile does not exist. Then you gotta 1- draw it, 2-find the code in the other, more up to date tileset’s tiles.json, 3- add it to blb’s tiles.json.

If you can’t find the code in the other tileset’s tiles.json, then you can always with the debug tool, with either “spawn item” (it shows you the actual item code over the description, just exchange the name in the code snippetty thingamajig) or “edit terrain” if it’s terrain/furniture. Also the edit terrain tool is a really easy way to find all the missing terrain tiles!

That could be a tutorial for people who want to edit/“make your own tileset based on others tileset”!
Also worn items had some prefix to the name in the code snippet that was like “overlay_worn_X” but i can’t remember it quite well. It’s quite easy to find, they are the first code thingies to appear in my tiles.json!

any more questions i’m here! sorry for taking quite a long time. Wasn’t in town!


Thanks StopSignal,

I was hoping there was an easier way to compare tilesets, but I guess debug spawning everything is the best bet. While I’m at it now I also noticed cheiflean rebooted Artyoms mod, one of my favorites, so I’m going to check that out too. Fortunately, most of that is so subtly different as to not warrant new sprites, besides maybe the GL. As of now, I’ve done about 5 sprites, slow going but I’ll release something on this thread when I’ve made good progress.


Nice! Don’t worry, take your time, this is all a labour of love after all!


Another option to go about it would be to go through the various data\json files (vehicle_parts, furniture etc) and simply search for the relevant “id” in both tile_configs entry by entry. You could note down in a new .txt file which IDs (per json) need new tiles.


Any progress on this? Btw if you switch tilesets while in game you get a list of missing tiles in your debug.log inside the .\config folder.


–This is very interesting, I will probably try it out pretty soon. However, I want to check to see if this is still being worked on, seeing as I don’t want to download something that has the potential to ‘quickly’ end up giving me lots of Z’s and other ASCII as the game itself updates and this pack does not.
–Also, is it possible that you could make this compatible with the amazing Ascension mod pack? I love that pack, and having a tileset that actually works with all of it would be great.


I mean, it’s quite filled up, but not filled up enough for me to put it in Git!
try it, you never know if ya’ll like it! Can’t make it compatible though, as i’m too busy to continue this project. Sadly :frowning: