Bio-Weapon Mod

[center]The Bio-Weapons have awoken…[/center]
WARNING!!!: This mod requires the experimental builds for it to work.

This is a mod I worked on based on my own fiction. You awake as a “Bio-Weapon” in an unknown mini lab and must find a place in this chaotic world. What is a Bio-Weapon you ask? Well, in short a Bio-Weapon is Bionic mutant design specifically to aid the military in some way; everything from espionage to decimating the battle field. Some more suited to the cataclysm than others.

Added 7 New Classes:
Failed Bio-Weapon: The process isn’t perfect, there were to be some mistakes, especially in the beginning.
Fungus Failed Bio-Weapon: Mycus assimilation of Bio-Weapon biology.
Bio-Weapon Alpha: The first one, design to kill and to feed off the remains. Bionics claws, ability to eat rotten/tainted meat and metabolic interchange make it a good predator.
Bio-Weapon Beta: Combat Expert. Completely armored, tough, resistant to environment and Integrated weapons are part of its arsenal.
Bio-Weapon Gamma: The sentient repair tool. Can destroy, control or repair any machine and to an extend people too. Uses lighting as main weapon or can use UPS based weapons as well.
Bio-Weapon Delta: Master sniper,Able to infiltrate a place, befriend the enemy and kill them from afar. Has wilderness survival abilities for when in enemy territory. Weapons are a laser sniper rifle,powerful but energy consuming, and a bolt rifle that uses little ups energy but is very powerful.
Bio-Weapon Hunter: Former military hacker who learner about the bio-weapon project and used the military’s resources to augment themselves.

Added 3 new Building:
Bio-Weapon Lab: Were it all took place, were you were created, it’s overrun, and it may all end here. Small building with cloning vats, broken generators and broken computers.
Unknown Lab: Another lab. Its use is clear once you reach there. Has a a good stash awaiting.
Makeshift Command Center:Former Bio-Weapon project personnel build a refuge facility for themselves, but from what?

Added 1 new Scenario:
Bio-Weapon Lab: Takes place in the building that shares its name. Its summer and the vats failed making you free, all the scientist that work there are now zombies and attack you. It may all end here…
Mycus B.W.M.D: Recently assimilated unit on its directive to spread the mycus has encountered some obstacles.

Added 4 new Monsters:
Failed Bio-Weapon: The mistakes had to go somewhere…you may find a couple…
Zombie Failed Bio-Weapon: Said mistakes aren’t immune to the goo, some argue zombification is a better fate than what they were in before.
Bio-Weapon Apophis: An angry, strong, armored, electric bionic mutant…hulks run at its sight. Can only be found guarding a stash…
Fungus Failed Bio-Weapon: If the blob can take over the Bio-Weapons, so can the fungus. Its biology now flora rather than fauna, it uses its enhancements to defend its kin.

Added 20 newItems:
Bio-Weapon Badge: Identifies someone as a Bio-Weapon.
Bio Laser Pistol: Laser-Finger cbm pistol version. (20 ups)
Chain Lightning Rifle: Chain-Lightning cbm rifle version. (40 ups)
Monomolecular Sword: Stand alone Monomolecular Blade Cbm.
Bionic Claw Knuckles: Knuckles with the Bionic Claws cbm installed.
MX-84 Laser Sniper: A military laser single shot rifle.
BR-96 Bolt Rifle: A ups powered burst fire bolt rifle.
Stealth Cloak: A invisibility cloak that restricts movement.
Pair of Mute Boots: A pair of combat boots that when worn, steps are silent.
Pair of Radiogenic Goggles: A pair of goggles that allow night vision and the user to see through walls, they produce radiation however.
Scout’s Tool: An electronic map/wrist watch that recharges in the sun. When used on unknown territory, reveals a section of the map.
Biological Sword: A sinister sword made out of flesh…powerful, with special abilities…
Biological Rifle: A sinister rifle made out of flesh…powerful burst action with no ammo and stat adjustment…
Bioinjector: A medical injection that heals and creates an adrenaline rush at the cost of pain and vomiting. Recharges over time
Organic infusion set: Draws blood (hp) for its charge. When used, a there is a chance a random mutation will occur.
MX-84 Select Fire mod:Gives the the MX-84 laser sniper automatic fire but lowers damage a bit among other things.
Map to Unknow Lab:Unique map found in a specific place that reveals the location of the Unknown lab.
Mysterious Note:Unique Note that includes directions to the Makeshift Command Center.
Hand drawn map:Note found in many places with directions to Bio-Weapon Lab.
ARC-314 laser rifle: An A7 rifle with better stats and less ups consumption.

Added 1 Vehicle:
Chemistry Station:The equivalent of the welding cart but with an onboard chemistry set.

Future plans:
-Bio-Weapon Mutation threshold and tree.
-Rework npc dialogue.

Special Thanks:
Malkeus - Spell checking the mod/helping with monster spawn rates.
Random_dragon - Helping with NPC interactions.
ValidQA - Emergency fix (AEP_PBLUE)/Aesthetic text changes.

22-Added human flag to Failed-Bio Weapon and Bio-Weapon Apophis.
22-Added fusion blaster to Bio-Weapon Apophis…
22-General weapon relabance.
22-Added a second sight mod slot to ARC-314 laser rifle.
22-Added more fungus attacks to fungal failed Bio-Weapon.
22-Added Explosion death funtion to Bio-Weapon Apophis.
22-Deleted electronic flag from all bio-weapons.
22-Deleted failed Bio-Weapon from Bio-Weapon Lab scenerio.
22-Made failed Bio-Weapon scenerio specific.
22-Added the 2 mechanics,first-aid and electronics.
22-Made the scout’s tool rechargable via a charging.
22.5-Fixed No ammo/ups range weapons.

Feedback is welcomed! Hope it’s fun.

Download Here:

Ah, an interesting idea. From the thread title, I was almost hoping it had something to do with bionic weapons. ;w;

If I knew how to make new CBMs I would if added new one here.

Sadly this currently hinges on whether the bionic weapon function gets JSONized someday. @-@

Still, concept looks interesting. I’m guessing the more advanced bioweapons have higher point costs? Though different niches and combinations of advantages/disadvantages presumably add to this.

Yes, Different classes have different costs but I tried to balance them out a bit as well. I might mess around with the costs as well.

Though the idea of the most advanced model being more subtle and with less firepower seems to follow that idea well, yeah. o.o

Its not so much progressions as requests made. The military needed a specific niche and the scientist made it.

Ah right, that does make sense. o.o

“Zeta” as the robotic master of disguise? Was that coincidence, or plain old intentional?

looks back up at the list of bio-weapons, then…implodes I just now remembered that show.

I am afraid it was a coincidence. But I must say what a coincidence indeed.

Uhhh, are Bio-Weapons supposed to be secret? Because they sure did make a lot of them.

Seriously I got gang raped by 30 Zombie Failed Bio-Weapons… I managed to hold them off with my M110 SASS but got trapped between a couple buildings and got mauled to death. I never encountered a single regular zombie. I met some cop zombies and a horde of child zombies though.

Wow, need to fix that then…They are suppose to spawn rarely.

I believe I fixed it now. A quick look at the monstergroup.json revealed the frequency was at 10 instead of 1…I apologies for my mistake. The fixed version is ready for download

Thanks, Now I won’t get raped in an ally by bio-weapons.


[quote=“Artyom177, post:15, topic:10629”]Thanks, Now I won’t get raped in an ally by bio-weapons.


Hopefully you won’t end up in your ally in the first place. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. o3o

I have implemented an npc follower but right now it will merely follow you appon meeting you with no conversation. I design a convo and it works but if implemented it does not allow the npc to follow you. Said npc starts out in the Bio-Weapon Lab, should I include it or wait until its perfected?

Emergency update: I seem to underestimate spawn rates again, it seems many a failed bio-weapon spawn I made a fix that should hopefully make them very rare to spawn for now. I am not sure if its the cost_multiplier that its at fault but I made that to 1 and erase all instances except in electric stations and general electric monsters.

The problem might be in “default” parametre. If you make default monster in groups a bio weapon, they will spawn instead of regular zombie.

Ah, that might be it. I’ve never played around with the cost multiplier, but it looks like rarer monsters tend to have higher cost multipliers.