Cataclysm++ Mod

WARNING!!!: This mod requires the experimental builds for it to work.

News: Update 11/23/18

This is the gigantic jabberwock of a mod that adds alot of content to the game. It adds new items,buildings,scenarios,monsters,etc. It also reworks and adds alternatives to many things from recipes to scenarios. It also adds a pseudo-story and lore on the works. The Bio-Weapon, Supper Soldier, Commandeer, Slave Fighters and the Old World Prepper NPC factions join the world. Seek the Bio-weapons, find loot,take down news monsters and invest in skills for new craftable items. Goodluck Survivor.

[url=[/url] here:
Report bugfixes and make suggestions here if you have the know how. This does not mean I will ignore post here, it’s just that github allows me to manage everything easier.

Download here:
[url=[/url](Works on the most current experimental.) Direct link to download the mod, no hassle, just the file.

Feedback is welcomed! Hope it’s fun.

1.) Where is the list of things added in this mod?
A: It is included in the file included in the mod. (Outdated)

3.) What about the version in the Launcher?
remroy’s launcher is known to be finicky with mods in general. Not recommended. to download from there

4.) Will this mod work with coolthulu’s patch/other compiled version of cdda?
There is no reason for it not to. There is no known conflict since it mostly mirrors the experimental with assorted differences. If there is an error in those version, feel free to let me know and we can see if it can be fixed.


Adding a list of exactly what is in the mod (along with a alternate download locale, as Box wants everyone to have an account with them) may help perk interest.

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For the list,will do. As for the other download,what do you suggest?

In my experience Dropbox works well, but it is a somewhat limited experience. Theres also Google Drive and the new Microsoft equivalent.

I decided on one drive. seems simple to use.

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I like this mod so it has a spot in my load order (oh god we’re going full Bethesda).

Well, thank you, if you have any feed back or ideas I am all ears!

The prices for the professions seem a bit steep. I would personally knock atleast one point off the canned survivor, and the three expensive ones are really, really expensive. I mean, it goes from eight points to 12… Just seems slightly overpriced unless you are in the habit of ramping up your starting points.

That was one of my fears, guess I have to do some re balancing.

If anyone here knows how to implement a building, please send the info my way.

What are you trying to do? There’s different processes depending on the type of building. There’s adding a new way for an existing building to spawn, adding a new building to cities, adding a new building outside cities, adding a new multitile building, and replacing buildings.

I want to add a building that spawns in the forests.

Okay, you need to make a “type”:“overmap_terrain” (see overmap_terrain.json) that defines how it shows up on the map, then make a mapgen for it (you can use the building editor in the lab), then you need to make a “type”:“overmap_special” (see overmap_specials.json) to make it spawn in the forest (see the definition for “cabin”).

Thank you very much for the info!

I apologies for deleting the Bio-Weapon and Bionic Infiltrator classes but I felt they did not fit in this mod.

Color coded for ease of keeping track of updates.

Getting crashes when approaching Survivor holdout. I get within 10 map times and BOOM crash.

Let me see what is going on.

Nevermind, I found out that you mod isn’t causing it. Just debugged over and it worked fine. Sorry bout that.
EDIT: Wonder why it was crashing though.

Well, glad to hear that. Thanks for downloading!