ASCII/Retro tilesets

For some reason this tileset bothers my eyes, my brain keeps shifting between the neon dots and the black background. However, maybe other people do not have this problem so don’t consider it. It is beautiful looking from an artistic standpoint, if not functional for me :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ll ever stop using ASII, i’ve been playing with it so long it seems like heresy to quit using it.

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Here, you can use these if you want to change the car layouts…
I only need to make 'em larger so they fit into the 8x14, or 8x15 pattern for the screen font.[/quote]

I’m not sure it can work. On one side the vehicles are changing frequently and still not 100% consistent in tile mode. On the other side every vehicle is built its own way and so it’s hard to make tiles that look fine when recombined in different ways. Right now even the wheels aren’t frequently shown.

I know. The game assumes your driving skill only lets you line up your vehicle once the turn is over and does so in 15-degree increments, but doesn’t see fit that if you turn your steering wheel - the vehicle keeps on steering in that direction. The ideal thing would be, since movement is based upon direction keys, that if you keep steering you line up your ride with either diagonal, or x/y axis. Otherwise, hitting ‘.’ key would straighten up your direction to the nearest of [0, 90, 180, 270] or [45, 135, 225, 315] respectively. It would certainly mean difficult maneuvering in-between the trees, but it is exactly how your character goes on walking/running on foot.
I’ve also recognized the other solution being that of what tiles you cover if you shift tiles the current way steering works, and it’s far more complicated. It would require much more than a few redraw() funcs.

So. Im totally new to this. I tried to get this new tileset going by copying the relevant files into gfx/deontileset and then turn the tiles on but I still am only seeing the original deontileset. What am i doing wrong? If someone could take a moment to give me a detailed explanation on setting these gorgeous tiles it would be much appreciated.

Maybe your file manager/archive manager didn’t overwrite the files. You need to overwrite the existing files in gfx/DeonTileset with the files in the zip.

You can check deontiles.png to see if it worked.

It definitely overwrote. Checked the .png.

EDIT: Does it matter if it is the 10x10, 15x15, or 20x20?

It kinda looks like its using the HODER set even though I changed the # in the gfx.txt

EDIT: NEVERMIND! Got it! Thanks.

I just thought I’d drop by and say how much I enjoy this tileset. It’s being featured in my Cataclysm Let’s Play series, starting from episode 12.

On the latest patch, build #529 (win32-sdl) your tileset will not load, however. There’s been some changes that cause the json to be invalid, you might want to take a look at that :slight_smile: Anyhow, truly enjoying the look of it. Keep up the great work!


If you hit some place where tiles are missing you can send me the saves so I fix it. A complete version would actually require trough way too many entries…

its really hard to see if items are on shelves/in fridges atm, not enough contrast between shelf icon and items

The fridge has a { symbol. If there are objects you see a blue square around it. I don’t understand what’s hard to see about it.

[tt]That you for updating this to make it work with the latest experimental build. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do having to play without it. Probably cry in a darkened corner while little Z’s taunt me and call me names. Also, any chance later on to get the icon for NPC’s to be replaced with a blue and pink version of yourself instead of a flower?[/tt]

Here’s a save for win32-sdl #536 where you can see some missing tiles. In particular spike pit traps and logs from felled trees.

Edit: Actually add the link too: Dropbox

fixed what I could see. Tried to do some wildlife but there are way too many variations

Let’s see what monster categories would probably be required.

Deer (including moose and cows)
Bears (And Zombears)
Flying bugs (bees, wasps, mosquitos)
Crawling bugs (ants, mostly)
Slimers (Slugs and Sludge Crawlers)
Adult Fungaloids (regular fungal critters can just all be light whatever fungal colour you decide on (blue?)if it’s not used elsewhere)
Young fungaloids (unfortunately would prob. need to be different since the fungals tend to be mono color associated)
Triffids (Can all probably be the same even they they look super different, except the heart which could probably use it’s own tile, and maybe the queen)
Small Robots (Manhacks, eyebots, etc)
Large Robots (Securbots, Tank Bots, etc)

And then the rare critters…

Nethercritters (Kreks, Migo, Blank Bodies, etc)
Shadow Critters
Snail Men
Amiga Horrors

I think that’s most of them - it’s certainly a decent sized list, and then you’ll have to figure out how many color variations to put in…

Man, it really is a lot of work, and I think I’m missing some. Glad I’m not making a tileset. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I can’t make “categories”.

The annoying part is that each individual variation needs its entry in the json file. I can point it to the same tile, but I still need to have each entry in the json. For example there are two squirrel types. If you define only one the other will be “unknown” and not display at all.

And whenever they add or change stuff you also need to add entries.

This is the reason I kind of want tile development to be more supported. It is already a pain in the arse to tile the roughly 1800 things by my tally in the game, but with more things being added by people all the time and no way of knowing other than stalking github, it makes supporting a tileset a pain in the arse.

Can we code something that would enumerate every tile in the game and output a file listing them?

Then what? Whenever a new file is generated how do you replace every single number to the corresponding tile?

I mean like a Batch file or something that looks through the game code and prints up a list of every tile ID it finds. Then we just work our way down the list and add in which tile goes to which ID.

Might be usefull as a way to figure out what has been added since the last time everything worked, and it might preclude people having to note down the id’s of things they just added somewhere.