PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



So it seems that at least once a week or two I need to update PK’s rebalance mod to start, or just fix bugs from recent changes to the base game, figure I should do a thread instead of bumping the new one all of the time and expecting people to scroll to the bottom for updates.

Here’s the latest version of my patch as of 02/08/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Please report any issues with screenshots of any errors.

Delete your old version of the mod and paste this new one in to install correctly, cataclysm loads mods based on mod IDs not folders, it’ll work with old worlds despite different folder names, it couldn’t care less about what you call the folder.


This thing
I like it


Hey guys, I’ve made a PK’s Rebalancing fork on github:

It incorporates the same changes /u/dissociativity implemented so far, plus a few of mine that make the mod a bit less frustrating.
If you only want the fixes with no additional changes there is a branch which only has the error fixes, as noted in the repo description.


Gooder and gooderer! Things are very good, I thank much, yes yes.


Thankyou! I’ll make a fork and make some pull requests for you if I find any issues that aren’t fixed and I can fix.


Question: since anything with the old mutagen flag will crash the game, is updating every single instance manually the only solution ?


very nice! :smiley: will you also make an updated version of noct-pk patch aswell, the cataclysm++ and PKs-rebalancing compatability patch that makes the two work together? or does it not need to be updated?


You could theoretically use a text editor’s text replacement feature to speed up the process.


Sorry, I personally think Cataclysm++ is garbage as it makes the game too easy with lots of broken overpowered things, and that clashes with PK’s extra difficulty stuff personally.
It shouldn’t be too hard to edit stuff in yourself though, just look at the error messages and lines of code relevant, and edit accordingly.


I wanted to thank you guys extensively for your work, I was postponing Ascension’s update until late september because of the sheer amount of work I have to deal with in August, but thanks to the new patches I only needed to patch some things here and there and now the whole pack works perfectly!
I’ve included you in the special thanks and in the new mod’s readme and opening post for posterity.
Rock on!:love_you_gesture:


How would I go about installing th error fix version? Should I just download, and unzip it into my mods folder? Do I need to delete PK’s rebalancing and replace it with the error fix version?


As I said in the OP, so long as it’s in it’s own folder, name doesn’t matter the game will read it as PK Rebalance, you just need to delete your old version first.


Forsure, I was having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to use the github versions(I’ve always just used the launcher) linked by @barbascientiam, but I got it figured out. Thank you so much for making these edits and sharing them! I have really been enjoying the new changes made to the game as well as PK’s rebalancing mod.