"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



That’s fair enough, I’ve just never had this happen before. I only got bit a couple of times and it wasn’t a particularly big fight, but a few hours later I quickly picked up over 500 pain then passed out a few times and abruptly died. It was so ridiculous I assumed it must have been a bug. I didn’t even go into the swamp, I was just looting a mansion nearby one…

I agree with removing inflammation and the blob death. I’ve crashed far too many times to massive blob hordes and I have yet to even work out what causes inflammation, let alone how to deal with it.


New version coming out to celebrate the ever-nearing 300 downloads and 3 K visitors!



All redundant overmap specials were removed. Only the most important (Hell Castle) remains. Now the game finally spawns normal maps!

Monster generation

Zombies don’t split into blobs on death anymore. All relevant descriptions were updated.

PK monster effects

Most of the annoying effects were removed (inflammation being the most important) from the vast majority of monsters.

Acid rain

Still gone from the premises.

Onward to the most popular thread in the lab section and to 300 downloads, people!


[still covered in ant blood]


[Dead in the corner from mosquito poison but happy]


Celebrating the number 3:
3 hundred downloads!
3 thousand views!
3rd most popular thread in the forums! (1st in the lab section!)

You guys are amazing. Thank you so much.


Can’t say I’m a fan of the Trapdoor Spider Pits getting replaced…


The what now again
I kinda gassed all the pk specials


Multiple bugs present that need to be fixed in base PK.

1.) High adrenaline has a typo giving it 0.5 stamina regen instead of 0.05, it’s clearly obvious that a one-pointer with a side effect should not give twice as much stamina regen as a two-pointer (strong lungs) completely dedicated to the effect.

2.) Strong/robust lungs cancel GILLS and GILLS_CEPH but not vice versa. This is a bug.

3.) PKs regional_settings need to be converted into overlay form, like this. Otherwise it will create incompatibility with more buildings (or any mod that adds regional overlays) if that is loaded before PK (more buildings adds overlay to base regional settings which then get replaced by PK, causing daycares etc… not to spawn). You’re also missing multiple default entries because of this like candy shop, skate park, pavilion etc…

4.) Normally any player loading alternative map key after PK will have screwed monster densities due to changes in overmap_terrain, changes you have omitted completely. Nuking everything you’re too lazy to fix is not the way to go.

And finally, it’s absurd to advertise this as fixed PK when you remove one of the the most important (and time consuming) parts of PK rebalance (overmap rebalancing) as well as custom new content like police hubs etc (it’s still fine to nuke megastore by road if you absolutely have to for example), not to mention features like acid rain. All of these changes should be in a PATCHMOD or TWEAKMOD loaded at the very end, where each tweak is in a named folder where the player can nuke tweaks he doesn’t like. You could also include things like alternative map key compatibility in here.

The way it’s built currently is no different from player having to fix PK rebalance by himself, which is what I’d actually recommend to anyone wanting to play PK rebalance over this current implementation.



-Fixed description for release: “Does not actually fix PK”
-Basically removed every single PK overmap
-Will drop PK rebalance when (if) problems with mapgen arise.


Trapdoor Spider Pits were a PK Overmap Special where Trapdoor Spiders would spawn and have a cave complete with egg sacks and alpha spiders.



Apparently PK had a ton of extra mapgen I didn’t even know about and I dealt with it in a pretty harsh way simply because I thought it’d fix all spawn problems forever because you can’t break what’s not there.

But simply removing those isn’t enough, apparently, for some reason. Or at least that’s what @techincal says with the overlay form, whatever that means.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t give a crap about those overmaps and I find them redundant or plain useless in most cases. For now the game seems to be working pretty well (read: I haven’t seen bugs on worldgen yet) but if I do end up needing to actually rework the entirety of that .json dumpster fire (no offense @pisskop ) I’ll cut support with PK altogether and just import the zombies from it in a separate file.

So long story short:
I’m keeping mapgen as-is, but PK is getting the axe when (if) we get some kind of mapgen-related bug.
I’m gonna import monsters, effects and the hell castle as a special zone, but that’s it.

The intention was never to actually become the maintainer of PK, even if I did fix the odd bug every now and then when it made it impossible to start the mod.


Well, I just found out that your overmap purge got rid of Triffid Groves. Or at the very least, the Triffid Grove in my game was replaced by a House on the Overmap.


I was worried when I changed everything, so I ran several maps to see if everything spawned right.
Everything works as intended, even the slimepits (woo) which were giving me hell.
New maps spawn all needed overmap specials for the mod.

Old savefile wonkiness is to be assured. Can’t help you there.
If it does happen with a new world please let me know and I’ll try to look into the core of the problem.


Holy crap this looks AMAZING downloading right now


For some reason, the more buildings and PK mods don’t appear.


Yeah,actually .E’s unofficial fix by techie didn’t actually fix the spawns, you want .F for that. I’ll have to update it yet again.


Actually, it did. Your release is missing 80% of the 5.6.4e files…


Oh, it’s quite alright, don’t worry about it. We’ll do better next time.

-Updated PK from version Epsilon through version Garamond.

If this goes on I’m thinking of dropping releases altogether and just letting people download the repo entirely without a new redundant edition every week


So it’s fixed now? (Arrgh, minimum text why.)


I can’t find a Hell’s Castle, no matter how hard I look. They just don’t seem to be spawning in any of my overmaps for me. Are they supposed to be super-rare?