"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



you mentioned that you have a new fork of blazemod vehicle addition pack? what are its features/what are fixed? are the ammo racks working again? auto reload for turrets?


Oh no, no no.
It’s literally just a revamped blobcar & more diamond items. The diamond stuff is needed for the quest, the blobcar is just my attempt for making a simple car for the wintertime labstarters, it’s a really minor thing. I did use a fork that branched from the original that fixed a lot of junk, but I never used turrets either because of how broken they were or how sometimes when they misfired they made everything explode in a large radius around me, destroyed the car, broke my limbs and in at least of unfortunate accident killed me through light power armor.
It’s safer to just mow them down with some rollers.
But I do know the amorphous heart doesn’t shoot water-based explosions anymore and I do remember them fixing turrets and killing even when you didn’t want them to, so probably. Give it a try.


-For some reason, the ‘graphics’ for some monsters won’t always show up, but sometimes for the exact same one will. For example, one zombie will have the skin, and another zombie (also labelled the exact same) won’t have it. It’s fairly minor, but annoying all the same.
-Also, what’s the difference between a normal zombie and a hungry zombie?


That’s just how it is. Added non-mainline content rarely gets tile’d. I wrote that down in the opening post.

Hungry zombies are a much stronger evolution of the regular zombie and will eat your face off. They’re basically stronger tough zombies with nasty attacks.


-Really? They didn’t seem any more powerful… I just punched them to death with my broken arms just like I did to the regular ones and it seemed no more difficult. A bunch of hungry zombies versus a noob with broken arms? Ya, that’d be tough for anyone but Keith.:sunglasses:
-I assume ‘unseeing’ is basically an upgrade to the blind zombies. I did notice a difference for the unseeing guys since you can’t ranged attack them an dodge better. But why do blind zombies exist in the first place? What’s the point? Either way, they will all perish to the somehow immortal Keith. :smiling_imp:
-Is the zombie hunting dog an evolution of the regular zombie dog? I ran into one early on and kited it into a giant bee and the dog promptly exploded into lots of bile. Which seems a little odd to me, why would it do that?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Will the fact that Fast Metabolism and its derivatives don’t give bonuses to stamina regen be “fixed”?

Think about it: Zombies hunt by scent and sound as well as by sight. A zombie dog noisily exploding and covering you with foul-smelling and potentially blinding bile makes it easier for zombies to find you. Thus, it serves the purpose of a “Hunting Dog” by finding prey for the zombies.


Refresh my memory: Are Landmines in the middle of roads a DDA thing, or a PK’s Rebalance thing?


Wait wut?.. Landmines in the middle of a road? That’s slightly very terrifying… :fearful:


It’s very visible because they clearly dug up the road to put them there, so its less scary than you’d think.

It also seems like a dumb idea, because now you’re making it harder for refugees to get past those areas, and there’s likely more zombie than there is landmine.

To me, the ones in the middle of fields make more sense, because Lore states they were used for hunting (which is a rule of funny thing).


Hold up there did you say HUNTING! Were they hunting elephants as that seems overkill even for bears. Or were they hunting wild tank drones and or apcs.


Just says hunting, specifically something you’d eat (so I’d assume something from the size of raccoons to potentially a Moose). Says it in the Design Document, with a line explaining that is supposed to show how bloodthirsty and psychotic the population in CDDA is before things went to shit.


Larry: "Yay! The food is done!"
Bob: “What food? Do you see that raccoon still? I told you there would be nothing left if we used a freaking land mine!”


Not only this is the fastest thread that was made this year (and the year before) but also the third most viewed ever in the lab category ( and those others have been running for years while this has been up scarcely more than three weeks) but we’ve just hit 150 downloads for the mod!

That’s a good job if I say so myself, thanks to everyone who has tried Ascension! I hope you’re having lots of fun.

I’m uploading a new version as I speak, I’ve sniped a bug where the brain blob would not drop its brain nodule on death and also made it spawn in every slime pit.

How’s your ascension going, fellow survivors?


I may have totally missed someone saying this previously, but it is there a way to get an update from this mod without needed a new save profile?


Yes RedX, just replace the files in your world with the proper files used for the mod. With a few exceptions, its a smooth transition.

Also, I thought I brought this up (and tell me if I did and I didn’t notice), but will anything be done to Fast Metabolism chain of mutations to allow them to increase Stamina Regen like in the base game? PK mentioned wanting to fix that, but never got around to it.


There may be an answer for this that I just missed, but I noticed that the new version doesn’t work with “Tanks and Other Vehicles” because it has a dependency for Blazemod. Is there a way to get around this at all?


In mods.json for Tanks, add an “_A” to the Blazemod entry under dependencies. If your computer asks you how to handle the file when you try to open it, treat it as a text file, so Notepad on Windows, or vim or gedit or whatever you use on Linux.

It should look like “dependencies”: [ “dda”, “blazemod” ], and you should change it to

“dependencies”: [ “dda”, “blazemod_A” ]


While that does work, I’m slightly afraid it might cause issues since the Blazemod that comes with the game is slightly different to the Blazemod that comes with this mod. I can’t come up with a solid reason why it might, but I’m hoping OP might take a look at finding a more solid fix for it.


There really isn’t any other way around it except for what @mentos046 smartly suggested because adding yet another modfile to download just to add _A to the mod ID would also make it impossible to work with the original blazemod, which means that’s an impossible fix to mainline.

No, there’s no problem with using the ascension variant of blazemod with tanks, all the big edits were done to blobcars and vortex parts and I haven’t touched anything else, it is fundamentally an identical of blazemod in that regard.


Buggers. Righto then.