"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"


I turned it down a notch though, from relativistic to hypersonic.


Well you can’t reach the speed of sound without making your vehicle explode from the slightest impact, so no big loss. I’ve tried. I wanted to see if reaching 761 MPH created a Sonic Boom.

How’s the acceleration? To me, acceleration is much more important than speed.


What does the Vortex Engine run on? Does it need a specific fuel?

Also, if the Vortex Generator just infinite electricity as long as its charged?

EDIT: Just tested it out. Turns out the game doesn’t simulate Sonic Booms, but does in fact simulate the wind speeds of supersonic speeds.


I suspect these errors are due to my disabling Ascension and PK’s (PK’s was frustrating me, getting much better at the core game but don’t think I’m ready for PK’s yet) but keeping the Ascension version of Blazemod and Arcana. Moss relic is unknown and invalid recipe for lighter string. If that’s right is it possible that things specifically dependent on Ascension mod being enabled could be moved to that mod so I don’t have to keep separate copies of the other mods?

If that’s not possible without a great deal of effort I understand. And sorry if I’m wrong about the cause of the errors.

Edit: Huh. Unless updating didn’t replace Arcana and Blaze with the repository version it looks like those errors were caused by a recent update.


a’ght first off

those things are dependencies
that means if you delete them the mod won’t work at all
you either use the mods that come in ascension and use my versions or you won’t be able to do jacksquat

second off:
It wouldn’t work in any other way
because json is a little bitch and I can’t ignore core files that are present in other mods simply by overriding them in another mod, I can’t really override the pk health effects or whatever else unless I made a copy of the file itself and overrode every single instance

So you either take the whole package or you don’t


On the launcher would the setting ‘Do not copy or move the save directory’ be useful at all in this? I’m not certain what it would do, or if it’d be useful at all.
Same with ‘keep a copy of the downloaded archive’


There’s a launcher? Huh.
I had no idea.


Yup, super useful if you want the most recent update but don’t wanna start all over. However I’m not certain how it would work with mods that aren’t already installed. Which is the cause of my question.


Hmm, put on the ascension mod, and it says an error that says
DEBUG: Load () Missing skill magic
It only pops up when I try and load the world and so far nothing seems to break or anything, I just want to mention it pops up. And yes, it is ONLY happens with your mod on.

Just noticed that the ‘tough zombie’ skin seems to be broken by your mod too BTW, I’m using retrodays if that helps


Does this mod also include adding some different/new cars? Despite me having played a lot on this game, I’ve never seen a mobile meth lab before. That said, I’ve never gone super deep into the game before. In any case, it was right next to spawn with only the security system broken. When I saw that I was just like, "WHAT? Free working car!"
Also, should I worry about the pupal sac that is in the derelict barn right next to both the car and literally a tile away from the evac center?


I’m guessing this launcher thingy doesn’t play nice with non-mainline mods, which makes sense really.
about skill:magic, that’s arcana. See previous posts about how the mod needs the other mods to function. Every time you only run winning dda without even one of the dependency mods you’re literally trying to make a guy run without a pair of lungs and a couple of legs.
I feel like I’ve said this in five posts and the OP in good measure so I’m just gonna stop.
Don’t run my mod without the others mod enabled and specifically the versions that are specifically and literally shipped with the bundle


That’s not what I was doing. I was turning off winning DDA and trying to run the copy of Blazemod and the copy of Arcana that’s packaged with winning DDA without it.


They’re codependent! One can’t run without the other, winning_dda is in itself a dependency of PK and arcana and more locations and blazemod because of its inter-mod files.

To solve all dependencies problems I edited all mods to have “ASCENSION” in their name to distinguish them from the originals and added a different ID to each one and don’t need to overwrite the old ones.
Given the fact that the mods are now named differently, this will effectively stop any possibility of actually using the wrong mods.

This breaks save compatibility.


'Twas fun while it lasted. Well, now to start a new world…


I’m going to give this a try, but before I do I have two questions.

First, I usually like to add Cataclysm++ to any world that I play. Will this mod and its dependencies conflict with Cataclysm++ if I use them both?

Second, PK’s Rebalance used to come with a patch called “PRM++ patch”, or “noct-pk patch”, which consolidated creature spawn lists with that of Cataclsm++ so they would work better together. I noticed that said patch doesn’t appear in the version that is a dependency. I could take it from the folder in the original PK’s Rebalance and drop into the mods list to use just like normal, requiring only a quick change in it’s modinfo.json to correct the dependency to “PK_Rebalance_A”, but will using the patch from the original version with Cataclysm++ create any conflict with the version of PK’s Rebalance that is a dependency for Ascension?


The codependency wasn’t really clear to begin with. “Can’t run winning DDA without the files it depends on” was obvious of course, but “Can’t run the files it depends on without enabling it” doesn’t necessarily follow. It’s unfortunate the solution breaks savegames but I do think it’s valuable for people to be able to switch between using Winning and NOT using Winning without having to either give up using other mods or fiddle around with downloading two different versions. Thanks.

When I was running Winning DDA I noticed no conflicts with Cataclysm++.


Wait, so do you specifically need to load the other mods too? I thought that someone said that if you load the Ascension mod, then the dependencies will automatically load with it if you have it in the folder. So now I’m totally confused, which do I do?

  1. Load ONLY ascension and the others will automatically get put on
  2. Load ascension along with the mentioned dependencies

Obviously this suggests that I had already put the new mods in the mod folder. But seriously, for someone who isn’t that great at folder this can be ‘mildly’ confusing :sweat:


Any suggestion what I should do now with my world I had Ascension loaded onto? I’ve had the world for a while now and it’d be a shame to throw it away.


Not install the new update and keep playing. The new update only changes it so the file names are different and fixes a few typos. It’s nothing worth losing a save game over. When you die or win then update.

If it’s the world itself more than an active character keep using the world and the old version of the mod until there’s an update to Winning DDA that makes more sweeping changes than this.


My bad, I removed those because thinking they were outdated: I tried out the acid rain removal one and everything broke.
Just copypasting will work, I’ll actually re-add the mod folder inside PK (while taking the care to remove acid rain) right now.
Total overhaul, breaks save compatibility for older versions. Scrap old version, install new one. Or you could simply edit your modlist file and add an _A to the existing PK/arcana/blaze. That works.

Then again this is just a thing that’s made to make it easier for new people who haven’t downloaded it already, as @proxiehunter says this update’d just an overhaul, it’s got nothing new in it except for the uncapitalization of “Zombie megabear skull”.
As I said to laser, either you scrap it or you edit the file manually or completely ignore it since it’s only under-the-hood work that doesn’t change anything in the game.