"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



may I publish this MOD with adding balance modify to other minor CDDA communities?


Is there some sort of walkthrough. Or do I just have to adventure?


I dunno about any sort of walkthrough. From browsing the mod files, it seems you fight several boss monsters, build an Altar, ???, Ascend to godhood. There’re no snippets that I’ve seen, unless they’re buried in with something else. That means there’s probably no in game lore to be found. I hope I’m wrong there.


alright I have some free time I’m updating the thing

yeah sure no prob.

Basically all the lore is in the OP and some of the item descriptions. You fuck around with otherwordly stuff to move to create a brachial instability by basically lumping together a bunch of really strong subprime-resonant-thingamabobs doohickeys gotten from the mob bosses (blob and triffid and doom and junk) you hallow the thing with your knowledge of the arcane arts to produce a stronger field of spatial instability and focus them with the diamond matrix to rip a hole in time and space to get to a higher dimension that hasn’t been fucked by the blob discarding your shell in the process and creating a gigantic explosion once the tear in reality closes up behind you. Totally not because there’s no real way to produce an instantaneous death message without coding it.

Unless you change the default description, that dimension is ponisland.



A brand new version of Ascension: Ultimate edition!

All new bugfixes!
New exciting items and mechanics! (Warning: new exciting items and mechanics only if you haven’t played experimental or/and side mods in the last two months!)
A brand new, lighter packaging format, but still the same product at heart!

Get it while it’s hot!


Arcana seems bugged right now (11/9), the game won’t load if you’re using the latest release :disappointed_relieved:, but works with an older version so it should be cleared in a matter of days.


This is awesome! I can’t wait to get murdered by something else truly horrible. Thanks for doing what you do :slight_smile:

P.S. While you’re updating things, could you add

"copy-from": "water",

to the entry for water in comestibles.json, so the mod plays nice with noFreeze?

OH…I’m sorry, that’s a PK_Rebalance issue, not something you are maintaining. Umm…could you drop it in somewhere anyway? Not for me, for the peeps who don’t dive into the files. Something like this.


Sorry, my git-fu is quite pitiful and I have no idea how most stuff works, you’re better off asking in the PK thread for that.


Well, you’re already patching some pk files. You could drop that entry for water I posted a link to in my reply above into a file, call it waterpatch.json and drop it in your PK folder. That’s what I’ll be doing if you don’t get to it :slight_smile:

edit: Now I’m wondering if that would fix it…PK’s has the override, it gets loaded after noFreeze and resets the entry, then your mod patches it…nah that doesn’t flow. my bad, just ignore me. I type before I think things through.


oh no, no. I literally dropped all the other mods in the new release and gave people links to the threads to download them since I tend to update things as fast as a glacier: this way people can get their updates ASAP.


I turned the blazemod diamond stuff into a standalone mod. It fixes the current problem Ascension is having, but may have more in it than you like. You’re welcome to some or all of it.


Actually I fixed that already, I’ve updated the release right now :grin:


Eheh, you went with the bare minimum. I’m gonna keep my version going alongside, I want crystal paths!

Great work, thanks for the new stuff to feed hapless NPC’s too.


b8211, i cant ignore this error.


^ Getting same error


Looks like a PK thing that’s already being fixed! :smiley:

I knew keeping just my core mod was a good idea
you can’t break what isn’t there


yup, it was actually fixed by me before the forest trails were even added, delete your old versions before you update guys!
We use Regional Overlays instead of overrides now!


I fixed the forest trails problem by putting in the entry for it, now my save looks fine but are there going to be any problems?


I believe the forest trails will only show up in newly generated terrain. So if you’ve explored extensively, you may need to travel a bit to start seeing them.


These dependencies are confusing the hell out of me. There’s folders included in the Ascension pack, but there’s also download links. Am I supposed to move the included folders into the main mod folder? If I don’t move anything and try to generate a world, selecting Ascension adds the three dependencies, but they’re not tagged as _A, which makes me think there’s more steps to the install process than the instructions indicate.


There are no longer custom versions of the 3 mods, this just adds content to them. Drop Winning_DDA folder into mods directory, choose the mod ingame and you’re good. The other links up there are to the newest versions of those mods.