"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



Okay so:
Arcana’s been updated pretty often
PK most likely doesn’t run with these setups since the new vanilla smokable changes but thank god the great lads of the unofficial rebalancing have worked that one out along with the calorie changes
and blazemod stuff needs an update real bad

That’s not a lot of work except for the blob parts actually, I could probably do this before the end of the month


Sweet, looking forward to it. PK_A ran fine for me up until the forest-mapgen changes.


I would only ask in the pk update that it re adds acid rain and that the first aid kits and other supplies remain actually useful.


But the acid rain pk restored was a hack that only hurt the player
It was literally targeted painrain just for the hell of it, good old acid rain back in the day used to kill everything (but it was also broken hence why it was removed)


Mainly I wanted it as a reliable source of acid for various things that can be acquired on the move. (rather than taking apart batteries or messing around with salt water)


HI I’ve been trying to load up and run Ascension, but keep getting this error. I’m using the current experimental build (7937) and I’ve deleted and replaced the mod folders.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//PK’s Rebalance_A/pk_regional_settings.json: line 36:9: “forest_mapgen_settings”: { … } required for default

  "boosted_other_percent": 50.0,    "//": "...accounts for this % of total coverage"
  "map_extras": {      
    "//": "mapping for weighted lists of extras",
    "field": {

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 668

Is there anything I can do to get past it?


you could try swapping out that file for the one in my PK rebalance patch here:


Ended up with another error.

DEBUG : item id moss_relic is unknown

FUNCTION : virtual void Single_item_creator::check_consistency() const
FILE : src/item_group.cpp
LINE : 117

EDIT: Posted too soon, chargen continued after this error. Thanks for the help!


Any tips for dealing with all the demons? I can push an entire city of zeds in with a fire axe and good skills, but a single demon lights me on fire repeatedly and just laughs at me.

Is it simply untenable to fight them without magical bullshit or long range firearms?


I always stayed away from them until I got a car, then just rammed them to death.

Firefighter gear and other gear that provides a lot of fire protection reduces the damage you take while on fire by a surprising amount, so you can use it for protection if neither running away nor using a car are an option. Just make sure you’ve got everywhere covered when you do, since anything could be set on fire. Also, just because it provides protection doesn’t mean it makes standing in a fire a good idea; you’ll still need to move, you just won’t die faster than you can put it out.


So if the dev would give me a clear idea of what changes PK Rebalancing has vs my patch, I could throw in pull requests and update this mod for you guys


Don’t worry, I’ll do it eventually. I’m still really busy but the changes aren’t actually really large, I’m also waiting for Arcana to nerf dragon a bit because I’ve seen some seriously broken playtesting with it.
But yeah I should at least get a non-broken version out in the next week.

Actually, there aren’t any changes from barbarscientiam’s fork, I just haven’t been updating it.

Updated all repos with everything from the forks


Oh-kay: New version of Ascension ready to be played, with two months worth of updates!

Everything should work perfectly fine now, I think.

No crashes at startup and works with the new versions too! Good things all around as always, extreme thanks to the dudes who actually maintain all their forks, they’re super neat lads. I’m just gluing them together and adding a bunch of endgame quests.


Note: downloaded what I believe to be the latest version last week noticed that apparently the wood material in arcana is acting as an override for base game wood, more specifically and importantly it seems to be undoing the part about wood where it now burns into ash. Just copying that particular line for wood in the base game’s materials json and pasting it into that arcana’s one seems to fix it.


Thanks for the heads up, I also noticed that the new crematorium roooms in labs have giant piles of (wood) ash instead of human ashes when I booted up my last save, I don’t know if that was a change in the main game or something fucky that happened with the mods and I haven’t had the time to check.

Anyway, there’s a new version coming (not soon sorry I got a shitload of stuff to work on all the time guess end of september wasn’t a true enough date) where (I think that’s how it works) all mods will be updated automatically with the help of the ever-so-useful “copy-from”, so that’s good.


Help? I have no idea why this is happening, I’m on Android if that helps.


Found another oddity. The chunk of meat (and tainted meat) overrides that are inside the ascension blaze mod need to have the smokable tag on them in order to benefit from the new smoking system.


is the oozing windshield vehicle part supposed to be opaque?


Oh, yeah. No. I mean I did that a while ago because I like to use those as vehicle walls, but that’s not how’s inteded to work.
I’unno. I’ll look into it
Oh, I see. Could clean up that one file then.


So does this work with Dissociativitys’ patch? I’m not quite sure which one to remove, I downloaded that one because apparently PK’s rebalancing currently does not work with the current Smoking system.

Edit 1: Ah I see, I guess the tags just haven’t been placed yet correctly for the meat, sorry about that, I’m still trying to get a grasp on how CDDA modding works since it’s extremely different than what I’m used to. Guess I’m stuck with just Cooked meat for now.

Edit 2: Also I guess Ascension was never activated on my save, which sucks, I thought I activated it.

Edit 3: I think I borked it.