"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



Hi, I’m getting an error when I updated the game

Build 7637.


Ah damn that looks like Arcana alright.
Did they do something new with the mutations?
I haven’t even had time to breathe in the last week so I’m delaying the updates, I’ll give it a look in the weekend


Darn. There really needs to be some sort of automated changelog, just to find differences between each version that gets posted.


In the Arcana mutations_category.json file, I fixed it by just adding this line into the mutation_veil block (just not the last line, or the comma at the end upsets it).


Good, good! I’ll post something in the arcana repo about it, too. Looks like it’s also been updated in this last month, so I’ll have to do a complete mod roundup.


Arcana was already fixed.


Even better! Post must be at least 20 characters long


Ok just an fyi the use function “mutagen” and flags of the same kind are no longer applicable.


Say whaaaaaaat
That’s gonna need bugfixing with PK for sure


Can’t wait for the bugfix. I can’t really bring myself to play CDDA without your mod anymore.


I didn’t back up my cataclysm folder from 7 days ago when this all worked flawlessly. Rest in spaghetti all the regretti.


I’ll fix it eventually, just uh
How does september sound
Late september


You take all the time you need. If I had to deal with all these category issues and mutation changes, I’d set myself on fire.


September came early this year!



  1. A new and improved fork of PK’s rebalancing made by @barbascientiam, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to finish this update on time and I can’t thank enough!

  2. Updated Arcana!

  3. Actually playable! :tada::tada::tada:

Come and get it at the usual place!


This is a nice message to receive this day as well as that the head of a sledgehammer makes an decent anvil for nail knife making.


August is a funny way of spelling September. Thank you. :smiley:


How to use “ascension mod vehicle addition” and “tanks and other vehicles”? I get errors


Short answer: you don’t.
Longer answer: Make a copy of blazemod tanks (I think It’s going to get obsoleted soonish?) and adjust the dependency to blazemod_A instead of regular blazemod. I don’t guarantee success because I haven’t tried it, but in theory it should work.


What errors? The post must be made unecessarily long.


When using the latest experimentals and “Ascension” , anytime I try to read a book with my reading glasses the prompt dispays “Your eyes won’t focus without reading glasses”.