"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



Would it not make more sense to, ya know, rebuild society?

Gather NPC characters and populate the base the player makes and have Ultima 7 style timers added to them when they trust you enough or you’ve bought their time.

I would prefer to see better simulated NPC actions that function outside the player characters reality bubble.


Mainline devs barely want to touch NPCs because they’re such a complicated mess. I honestly think something like that would be beyond the scope of any mod, really.


I’m barely a simple .json editor with some good ideas, a lot of boredom and a smidge of clever thinking.
I’ll let NPCs in Coolthulhu’s hands.


So are turrets still borked with this or are they fixed now? Is it updated to work with the firearm update?


Still borked. I’m waiting for a bunch of other dudes to update their projects (unofficial PK update guy seems to have given up already though which means I’ll have to cherrypick stuff myself).


Oh. Awesome…

Well, I’m rooting for you. Appreciate the work and all that, it’s an awesome mod.


Thanks! And dont’ worry, it’ll come, it’s just on the backburner for the time being. I don’t think PK will release another update soon and I haven’t seen any bugs on that front, so at least that’s stable.
Turretcode is new, I want it to age a little and see what’s wrong before I delve any deeper than simply blacklisting the things that don’t work.


Neato. I feel your pain on new updates borking your mods. Expanded archery has to be kinda rekajiggered with the new ranged weapons update (WHY DID I ADD MORE SIGHTS?!).


@trelatyraelis I am loving your mod, I have played all the associated mods in the past but having someone coherently look into making them all work together with an end goal in sight is simply amazing. So thanks!


After finally getting the elixir of winter year 2, 100 day seasons I am left with one question. “Is this mod a troll?”


Are you really that surprised? How many ways can a game of Cataclysm actually end?


Lol, I am using the mod, in spirit, as a compatibility patch for all the supported mods rather than the intended new “ending” to the game. As there is no hope for me to achieve the ending of one mega mod let alone all of them!


Yeah, the first idea was to make a joke mod, but then I expanded it a bit.
The ending was always the same though.
Hint: try spawning two active portals with debug mode! They should change their name to something more appropriate.

You’re literally shuffling your mortal coil to go to horseland

Anyway, great work for finishing the mod!
Bonus content:


Seriously? Well that’s a huge disappointment.


Don’t listen to him, you’re doing great


nah mate it’s cool I’d be pretty mad too if the thing I worked up for several weeks towards basically flashed a trollface at me before exploding my character into pieces! It’s all in good fun (mostly for me).

In all honestly I think the reason this thing got popular was the fact I managed to kinda merge a bunch of popular and unused mods, which created a domino effect (PK unofficial, and then PK himself releasing a new version too) that only exacerbated its popularity. I mean when you look at it I’ve been letting this one sit for nearly a month waiting for the other core mods to update and iron out the kinks so I don’t have to and I’m still getting views, it’s crazy! As far as I know there’s only a couple people that actually finished the quest and “won” and I got the same result from both of them!


i did like it just a bit miffed at first, any way good job getting blaze mod to work and keep up the good work


Thanks, these turrets are seriously giving me hell


There were some changes related to basements in regional_map_settings.json, so any mod that changes regional map settings json require update:



Alright, I’m just blacklisting the damn turrets for the time being, those are the main problem along with reworking the unofficial PK fixes to new-PK.
I’ll try working around them Soon™, but game-breaking bugs take the priority here.

oh god everything’s fucked with PK right now too