Artyom's Gun Emporium: Reloaded (More Guns!)

You want guns? I got ya guns. You want bullets? I got ya bullets. You want both? Got em both here.

Hello everyone, I’m Morgan. I decided a few days back to update the old mod Artyom’s Gun Emporium to the most recent experimental builds. What should you know about it? Well, the mod is the almost the same as before but I’ve made a few changes (not many) to the original mod since.

Here’s the lowdown:

1: My patch is working, not perfect. Most notably with the ammo links for .22 and .45, as well as with an item error when you load it. You can play the game just fine as it is now, and it’s stable as far as I know (and compatible with other mods as far as I can tell).

2: My work isn’t perfect, I’m not a programmer by trade, but it should be at least somewhat clean…

3: The list of things I changed. First, I added in several things that were WIP in the mod files, most notably Warsaw Pact grenade launchers and a special underbarrel shotgun.
Second, I added in a few new items that fit the mood of the mod as a weapon pack (so far, I added 7.62x54R incendiary, match-grade reloaded .308, .303 British along with a weapon to use it (SMLE mark 4) and the famous Pedersen device. All of these are a WIP.).
Third, I fixed many (though not all) typos and grammatical errors to be found in the original work - Luger is now spelled properly, certain guns have been given their proper names and many minor updates and edits.

Here is the old version of the mod. [Edit: Minor improvements, toned down the sights and fixed some grammar errors]

Here is the version of the mod that includes NO new items, for those of you who want no new additions (except the WIP items from the original mod)

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

EDIT: Bit of an easier link to the original port. Sorry about that!

EDIT 2: Ring a ding ding! Check it out, new version available! I’ll leave the link here ,but the first link will be removed soon!

Rest assured, I will soon move to GitHub. Hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue: <3


Alrighty. What’s the folder name for this mod so I can try it out in a world?

The folder is named Artyom’s Gun Emporium, in the launcher and world mod selector it’s named Artyom’s Gun Emporium - Reloaded. If there’s any issues, please let me know (I’m pretty new to this)

What about the sights? Do they work now?

They should. Not 100% on my answer, and help would be appreciated testing if you can. I have to admit I don’t fully know how to make them work so I may be off.

Looking through the edits I made compared to original game scopes, these are incredibly good items. Provided they work (which I will test when I can break out the game itself, and the edits I made seem to have made them work when I tried them) they need to be nerfed like


get em while they’re good I guess. Thanks for the suggestion and I hope this info is helpful!!

I’m so exited to try this out when I get home

Awesome! Let me know what you think!

Could you give a list of the weapons?

Mostly the same as the original, with one (the RA BFG iirc) removed due to it causing too many errors.

Here is the original post, with a list of the majority of weapons. If you’re a swiss fan, the mod is awash with SIG products.

I don’t, however, have an itemized list.

Awesome, this is a mod I can’t play without and glad to see it’s being worked on again.

Any plans on adding non-weapon items?

Also keep in mind, most real guns are welcome in mainline as long as they have the correct level of rarity.


That’s what I’m most concerned with achieving. That, and I don’t want to overload main with like 80 types of munitions and dozens of new weapons.

I’m also including match grade ammunition and custom loading for at least some calibers, which is currently in the works and maybe doesn’t belong in mainline

any tips for balance? Beyond the more powerful, the more rare of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! However, there will be still a large focus on weapons and munitions in the mod. It’s what the mod is based on after all.

In terms of non-weapons, I will be adding specialty ammunition (which I’ve mentioned before) but I also intend to add certain tools and melee weapons, as well as maybe recipe books and maybe a martial art. But both of those ideas are in their infancy and a ways off. I’m still quite new to this, after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking it out!

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It’s actually less an issue of balance and more an issue of how rare are they IRL. I’m pretty sure that means most of the mod is going to be pretty rare, because it’s mostly european guns, and imports are generally going to be rarer than domestic weapons.

Match grade ammo is fine, no issue with that apearing in mainline, though I’d like to see some sources (muzzle energy or velocity?) for why it’s better.

Oh yeah, most of the ones I’ve added new to the mod are relatively common among C&R weapons in the US (e.g. SMLE and Mauser '98) but the ones that aren’t, like the Pedersen device, are obscenely rare (actually, I may make that one craft-only…)

The issue I have with including match grade ammo so far, especially in mainline is that… as a thing, well. It kinda doesn’t exist as a single standard. Most match grade ammo is simply ammunition with better manufacturing checks. Currently, though, it’s included only as hand-loads from survivors and rarely police/military, as I’m interpreting “match-grade” in this case to mean “ammunition custom made to a very high standard” and requiring high skill in the gun, mechanics, and in marksmanship to make. In that, it allows for VERY skilled survivors with a bit more material per round to make ammo on par with fresh loadings.

All that said, I hope it’s somewhat balanced. ;-; I am pretty new to all of this after all.

Is the “Firearm Laws were relaxed due to a perceived increase in public safety” thing canon? If so, I think that’d affect what firearms are available on the market.

That was original Cataclysm Cannon, I don’t see a good reason to keep it around, since game balance actually works a lot better if ordinary home defense and hunting weapons are more common, and assault rifles and similar are much rarer.

Understandable, and I’m of the same mind honestly. It’s a bit saddening when I start a new character to find a military site with an m4 in it because I feel like as long as I have ammo for an automatic weapon, I’ve kinda won (grenadiers exempted, those guys suuuuuuuuuuck ;-; )

I didn’t think automatic weapons could spawn in gun shops or homes anyway.