Artyom's Gun Emporium: Reloaded (More Guns!)



That’s odd, as far as I know I’ve found STENs in gun shops…

I’ve also been in gunshops with full auto weapons in them, so it makes a little sense


Would you take requests? I just have one. If not, that’s fine.


Sure, what is it? I can probably throw it in :smiley:


The .44 Automag, the most awesome terrible gun out there. Bonus points for adding a .44 AMP and .475 Wildey Magnum conversions.


Can’t say I’m overly familiar, but I’m fairly certain it’s already in the mod as just “Automag” - one of Artyom’s additions :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I guess it is. It’s been a long time since I played this mod.


No trouble. Anything else?


Now that I think about it, stripper clips would be a cool idea. Loading older milatery rifles is kinda a pain in the butt. Also speedloaders for revolvers. If this was to be added, just make sure to research what guns actually use stripper clips/speedloaders and what guns dont, it wouldn’t seem right for a Lee-Enfeild to have a magazine and a peacemaker being able to use speedloaders.


I had an idea similar to this with the pneumatic bolt driver where you could have replaceable cylinders that when a cylinder is in the gun it can be reloaded like the vanilla one but the added ability to be reloaded faster with other cylinders. Although I think what happened when I tried to make was that the “magazine” itself either outside or inside the gun would not be reloaded one at a time like the default bolt gun but it would reload all 8 shots at once like all the other magazine weapons.

Also wasn’t one of the ideas of the magazine system that if you didn’t have one you could still load one round into the chamber?


As long as your taking requests I’d love to see more compact and sub-compact pistols in varying calibers. They’re popular in gun stores/pawn shops and are the most often conceal carried weapon.


I have…

No idea how to work that, I’m afraid. I’m trying to get a way to use chargers and single load with the same gun but I can’t think of anything, honestly. :frowning: I’m in the same position, as I’d like to add a mag cutoff to the SMLE but I don’t know how.

When I can figure out how to have both an internal and external mag, I’ll work on that idea. Sorry to disappoint… :frowning:

maybe have a built-in, irremovable internal magazine as a mod? idk not quite sure

also, @FurryDegenerate I get the idea but… SMLEs have detachable magazines, afaik :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on chargers/clips. I don’t know how to implement them, I’m considering having an internal magazine as an irremovable mod, but I don’t think that would work out well for chargers. It could work for a magazine cutoff though.


That’s absolutely true, and while there are some in the mod already (Colt Detective comes to mind) adding more should be relatively quick. If you have any specific suggestions, dm me here or on reddit and I’ll see what I can do. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re taking requests, do this :smiley:


Excellent! It’s one I’m working on right now. It’s a neat piece of history and something a survivor can make, and not even an especially skilled survivor if they find the right info.

As of now though, I’m hesitant to include too many new tools that don’t have other uses. I’ll get to work on the gun first, and finish up the larger update with new tools. Any suggestions for what else those tools could be used for?


Oh man so many things.
Angle grinder would get metal sawing and maybe smoothing. Ideally it would be a lot faster than e.g. a hacksaw.
Bench grinder would get smoothing.
Set square could be added to a lot of fabrication recipes.
Vise is also necessary for a lot of fabrication.

Those are the main tools I identified as needing to be added.


Alright, I’ll get to adding them to the mod.

The tools, though, I may just add as a fork once I learn how git works. it seems useful :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea we actually want that in mainline.


I will do that…

as soon as I learn how to use github properly.



New Update! For those interested, I’ll leave a link here and at the top. Thanks for reading! <3


What’s New?:

  • Calibres: .303, 8mm Mauser.

  • Match Grade Ammunition (as a concept, including every real life rifle caliber available (except the ones with specialty ammo) ) and specialty ammo (Currently just 7.62x54R AP/I, .22 Zimmerpatronen, and .50bmg explosive)

  • Weapons: Type 24/79, Gewehr 89, SMLE Number 4, Needlefire Rifle, Finnish Mosin, 1917 Enfield

  • Gun Mods: Calibre Conversion: 8mm Mauser, Working Pedersen Device

  • Fixes: Too many to list here, mainly grammatical and some balance fixes. Scopes made normal, can no longer hit a dust mite 1000 miles away. ( :frowning: ), Fixed the Browning HP’s description, the Bren’s, Gave the SMLE its proper ammo count, The FG42… Lots of things, but I didn’t catch em all. Let me know if you find any issues, please!


Fantastic, downloaded and will give it a test shortly.

On a side note, I’ve never seen 5.45 or 9x18 spawn, in gunshops gun basements or on corpses. Same goes for weapons that use them. Poking around a saw the ak74 series is in the obscure gun item group but didn’t see anything for the makarov. A lot of folks in the united states who shoot enjoy Russian firearms (myself included) and are more popular than they are represented, do you have any future plans of tweaking spawn ratings for this kind of thing or are you going to be mainly sticking to new guns and equipment?