Draw Your Cataclysms II


why am i laughing at the fact that the machine perfectly positioned as “censorship” for the body?

awesome though… to install bionic just to make your character has enough strength to do surgical examination on undeads without any medical tools. or mutilation…


That gun the main character has… At first i thought its some variant of m4. But after closer examination it turns out its modified Barrett m107 with folding stock and sawed-off barell so it could fit into large tight holster. Its pretty baddas, but probably would be super tiring to have 11kg gun strapped to your leg. I had one character who put 8 barretts at once, 2 to each leg, 2 to the belt and 2 to the back holster XD. And another one for holding in hands.
Ps. i reccomend mounting red dot sight to that CQB m107, it wont increase volume and still will be able to fit inside holster.


Yup, it’s a Barrett alright. Might have to check my boxes of loot to see if I have a red dot sight laying around. The weight isn’t a problem for this guy. He started out as a strong character and have mutated twice on strength and he also have a strong back and he found some bionic muscle enhancements. More encumbrance that is a limiting factor at the moment.
8 barretts though… sounds like about 7 too many. :smiley:


and then here i am… figuring out why every time i made new world the whole town is infested with deadliest undeads.

turns out that if you set evolution factor on your world to 5.00, the whole zombies will be upgraded to deadlier version in just half of the in-game day…

no wonder my recent gameplay is going hellish hard.


It was his bowels that quivered and betrayed him the first and only time. Stavros knew never to trust them again. And no one questioned why he carried four pairs of drawers, that was because Stavros helped spare New Caanan from the horrors of Cholera. It was because of this Stavros was known by many as ‘Mr. Clean’.


Idealized, its not a drawing but I couldn’t do better if I tried. About sums up my latest game though

Art of the Cataclysm

To be scared shitless for the first time was the most surreal experience Stavros has ever experienced.


So,my character is an red hat female using 3 hoodies,3 cargo pants,an military helmet,MBR vest,duster,leg ammo pouches ,combat boots an Mosberg 870 on her back and the 9mm revolver with the built in red dot and a katana on a seath

She has an HK416 in her back with an Acog and a hand made Supresor.

She is in a tent with 2 NPCs one guy using an backpack,hoddie jeans and sneakers holding an baseball bat and a guy with full survivor gear an quiver and a compound bow

Also there is an Craftbuddy following them,it is an tripod with a lot of tools on it and a screen with a smile.


If you were to suggest that to be drawn in my thread I’d totally do it except for the fact that I haven’t the faintest idea of how I’d draw that :confused:
Or even what that altogether would quite look like…


Well that’s sad,like I dunno really the only thing I think would.be cool to.be draw is an chick holding an M16 style gun with some stuff added into it being followed by an tripod with an smiling monitor in the back,and a mini nuke sticking out of an car

No like I legit found an mini nuke on a Humvee,I actually don’t remember how I got it because there’s been 1 week I don’t touch Cataclysm


I know this isn’t a drawing, but I saw this headline and thought instantly of Cataclysm


Quick work sketch. Slow day. Also…I hate drawing hands.


Nice, I’m typically pretty good at hands for the most part, with the exception of uncommon/unfimilar/odd positions with them. The usual stuff like a fist, open palm, etc. aren’t too bad for me. I now have trouble drawing the classic ‘missing a finger’ thing 99% of kids do.
I don’t know how common it is, but I’ve discovered that the better I get at drawing, the harder it is to purposefully do bad.

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My big problem at first was that I wanted every single thing I drew to be perfect. Now I just do doodles for practice. It’s helped a lot.


I feel like perfectionism might be the bane of many an artist. I’ve made a drawing worse before just trying to fix a minor detail. :expressionless:


I can only draw stick figures,blockuy stuff and low quality T-pose people


Massive ego is the down stroke of the engine that drives your artistic improvement. Massive self-criticism is the up stroke. Put the two together and all you need is repetitions and someone to point you in the right direction. Chugga chugga. :smiley:


Action practice with new lab escapee. Might do this one up properly later.


Bicycle and bow. One of the most realistic post-apoc setups in my opinion. Love the picture >.>b


thats how drive-bys went in the 1800s