Anti fungus explosives

Simple mod, adds crafting 40mm antifungus shells, fungicide grenades, and a mega gas bomb with similar recipe to RDX charge. Was tired of fungus taking over 100% of map after extended life, so made it easier for destroy the fungus, not only for useless chemical thrower anymore. All is like smoke grenade, do not carry unless have gasmask or other active respirator.

Edit: v1.1 now adds modified sprayer weapon, vehicle turret part for sprayer, and antifungal gas hack. Turret part should be aimed near monster, not on monster, or shot will deflect.
Fungus Fighter Kit v1.1


This mod seems very, very useful! If it’s possible, perhaps you could make something like “antifungal gas generators” to surround your base in, as well? They’d of course need recharging, reloading, whatever, periodically. this is just a suggestion though, it feels like it could be a good way to quarantine off the fungus for “Research” when you play the game to role play

Automated grenade launch turrets work for this. Just have to make many 40mm fungus shells. But I will try, have not made a vehicle mod yet, maybe interesting.

Would these kill the triffids and such or just the fungal bed growth?

Do not think so, maybe if there is gas for killing plants, I can make another mod like this, or combine effect to kill plant and fungus.

Would be great. It would make the normal mods if you add this feature. An explosive cloud which can kill mycoloid and plants = very satisfying to remove unwanted fast growth mutants =D

Fungus monster always take over everything in my worlds, best character of 7 game years killed by fungus. Took over all, nowhere was safe. So I made this. If there is existing gas that kills plants, I will combine effects. If not, then I do not know how to make it.

I hope someone can make this then. Thanks for trying at least =)

If radiation kills plant monster, I have other unreleased mod exactly as this, only instead of fungicide gas it is nuclear gas. Problem with that is it makes ground tiles irradiated.

IIRC, teargas works on triffid. And nice mod, sharing the link on the discord, a lot of people have wanted something like this, and I was actually about to make something similar, so this saves me some work.

I’d suggest making a flamethrower type your vehicles can use as well.

Does the fungicide gas drift around, or have an enormous radius? Does it revert fungal tiles to dirt?

I can definitely see it being useful for when you don’t want to outright destroy a fungus infested city, but everywhere else it seems like a couple of matches or a flamethrower will solve the problem more effectively, as fire is self-perpetuating and will rapidly consume the entire infested area, sometimes along with others that aren’t connected if its in a forest.

Unless the smoke drifts or spreads, and kills really fast. In that case it would be amazing and your mod would be my favorite ever. I hate having to go on regular fungus sterilization expeditions every time I spot one of the damn things, just to keep them in check.

Really? Hot damn. I haven’t found any of Triffids yet on my current game, just shitloads of forests infested with fungus (now burned). But I’ve got some teargas lying around already, and will stockpile more for when I find some of the bastards.

The modified RDX charge will destroy nearly all fungal flowers map tile. Fungus dirt floor gone too. Gas drifts a small distant, not far. I am adding vehicle turret part and conversion flamethrower with longer range than terrible chemical sprayer. Load grenade belt vehicle turret with 40mm fungicidal shells, for now.

Gas kills fungus faster than fire, and safer. I don’t like burning whole forest to kill fungus, no one knows how far fire will go until it burning down careful built base, and then not even survivor fire truck will stop, happen to me before and decided to find safer way.

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Sweet! Downloading as soon as I get home. My map has fungus basically everywhere my tank cannot easily go, so until now I’ve been having to go in on foot and burn it out, which is annoying as hell.

Does the Fungus RDX charge have a damaging effect which can harm survivors wearing gas masks, or will you be safe standing nearby? How far do I need to run after planting one?

Also, something else you might make is an insecticide variant. I’d love an insecticide RDX charge I could plant inside an ant mound or bee hive to just wipe it out entirely. I’ve got a bunch of acid ants running around being annoying.

If I can remember, if wearing active gas mask, you can hold the grenade or RDX charge in hands, it will not damage. Work like smoke grenade, only BIG, and kills fungus. I will update link with new version with fungicide thrower and vehicle part after done testing, less than hour or two. I down load new experimental and there ants everywhere, I hate them, but my prototype NBC mod is defense of the acid, now ants are just annoyance. If I find death gas for them, they will be gone next.

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You’re doing god’s work son.


I mean fungus spire, not fungus flowers. Fungus flowers need 3 or more large fungus bombs, or full belt of 40mm fungicide to destroy. I have idea just now to add grenade hack also, with gas grenade inside. Testing fungus sprayer now, discovered it has four shot burst fire mode, and accident put gun capacity to 1000 instead of 100, so will fix soon. Turret is next for testing, installed on security van and fungal bed in distance, ready for destruction. Fungicide gas does not kill fungus tree tiles, but I do not think fungus trees spread, so is safe.