Are there any mods to significantly nerf (not remove) fungal propagation?

I’ve noticed that fungal infestations can explode rather quickly if I enter their reality bubble. They can take over an entire street block in just one night and increase exponentially from there, to the point where I abandon areas completely to just prohibit its spread. While technically harmless to covered players they can be an extreme nuisance to computer lag from what I hear, as well as slowing walk speed and making some areas quite ugly (and can prove quite fatal if they conceal a minefield).
However they are somewhat interesting and neat concept in their own right, so I don’t want to remove them entirely.
Are there any mods that neuter the propagation rate of fungi?
Like say making it so that spores only have a 20% chance of taking root or preventing from spreading over a massive area?

Considering grass is not yet flammable it can be very time and resource consuming to thoroughly sterilize an area, and even then it seems almost futile since the spores will just regrow if even one of the little bastards survive.

I wish there was some way to just simply salt the earth and prevent specific areas from regrowing.

spore clouds have a special attack that creates a fungal tile in their space at the cost of their life. It should be pretty easy to modify it’s chance to fire or remove it all together. I haven’t tested it, but have considered the issue before. I don’t think this will stop spread entirely, but it should be able to slow it down significantly. Of course, aged spore clouds evolve into fungaloids eventually and the clouds are spawned in huge numbers…so you might just be trading one problem for another plus lag.

edit: Check out the Fungus Fighters Kit. It doesn’t affect spread rates, but it gives you more effective tools to fight back. I have no idea if it works with the current version, it’s fairly old.

Probably a kill it with fire mod? Or a mod that spawns active mininukes on any fungal towers.

well I tried using fire to set the bastards on fire but for some reason it just doesn’t bloody take. I even set fungal tress on fire and the little bastards barely lit up a puff of smoke.

Ironically the thing that seemed most flammable was the blossoms, even though they’re supposed to have built in fire fighting measures.

Anything else just fizzles and doesn’t spread at all, even though fungal beds have the flammable tag

Was it raining/drizzling/snowing etc?

Probably, what bothers me is that not even napalm works when it’s just a drizzle.

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Yeah, the near constant rain really bogs down efforts to wipe out the Mycus in a local area. In my current run, I’ve had a near constant rain or snow for almost a week now; mean while the fungus has been marching hard towards completely overwhelming an entire overmap tile.

Without the ability to move to a biome that doesn’t have rainforest levels of precipitation, the Mycus nearly always wins in my games. A mod that alters the fungus propagation in a way that would slow down the spread, or make the fungal blooms/towers/flowers a rare find, would be very appreciated. If I had time to learn how to code, I would attempt it myself; but I have so much on my plate as it is that when I sit down and rest after the day is done I just want to play.

It rains less in summer.

I must be playing a different ball game then. I found an artifact that protects my character from mental attacks but makes it rain FAR more than usual while worn(imagine only +/-4hours of dryness per day), and I’m still able to wait until the rain stops before simply setting a single tile ablaze and then waiting 30 minutes more before it starts spreading and incinerating every fungal tile connected to the point of ignition.

Don’t just set one tile alight though. You’ll wait forever before the inferno kicks up. A 2x2 grid of fire is good to get things going. Don’t just ingite one point either. The fungus flees from the fire, so you have to ignite several points around the bed that will burns inwards and incinerate everything that wants to run but can’t escape the encroaching ring of fire. This essentially guarantees that no spore cloud escapes to propagate, unless you’re unlucky in how the fire spreads or how they run.

It helps if your character is a pyromaniac, because then they’ll even get a mood boost for lighting the fires and watching the burn.


still is a pretty hard race against time , even more if you are not prepared with the items to make a good fire and/or the fungal thing is on the other side of the reality bubble without you knowing.