Sound-emitting, anti-fungus, vehicle part mod-making help

I’ve decided that enough is enough. I’m not burning down the world just to keep the fungus in check, and so I’ve researched on ways to kill off fungus that doesn’t involve an emissary from hell. The chemical flamethrower with the fungicide is nice and all but I find it to be horrendously useless for active mass-fungicide, especially against blooms and flowers, to say nothing about the towers. That mod that makes fungicide explosives is also very helpful, but it’s not quite the flavor I’m looking for. My research has brought me to an answer that involves sound.

I’ve decided to make a mod if my bare-minimum coding skills would allow it, if not then I’m satisfied that the idea is at least brought fourth. But I ask for help in its creation since I have no idea on how to make a mod for cataclysm. I know the part will probably borrow a lot from the stereo part, maybe increase its range of effect, and make it signifigantly louder so that the player will need ear protection near it and so that zombies will be more attracted to it while the player would have to give it some protection like surround it with hull and maybe turrets.

Basically it’ll be a high-power-draw, sound-emitting vehicle part that will affect everything fungal in a negative way. The end goal is for everything fungal in its sound radius to either be slowed down to a crawl(quite literally the player would have to wait an entire minute for fungal entities to move a tile, and a day for a fungal bed to spread on its own), or slowly receive health damage until it eventually dies and for a bed to slowly die on its own.

There is some science to back this up. One that involves fungus in our sewers, of which at 42 kilohertz for 1/2 an hour+ 90%+ of fungi had gone away. I don’t know if the fungus in the game can spread into water and turn it into a fungal sludge, but if it can then that frequency can be used for the sludge. And one that involves 15 kilohertz through what seems to be the air that has lowered the growth density of the colonies by two thirds and its diameter by what seems to be half. The one through the air might actually completely stop fungal growth if they had boosted it to higher levels but that hasn’t been tested yet as far as I know.

Sounds fascinating. What part do you need help with first? I’ve yet to try coding for CDDA, but I’m familiar enough with project design that I can help you flesh out your proposal enough to start working.

Mostly I’d just like a point in the right direction in learning the cataclysm modding ropes and an indication of the resources I’ll be using towards a final product, but anything and everything else people would like to offer would be most welcome.

My only concern is realizing that I won’t be able to do it, after all.

Vehicle parts can emit fields like fungicidal gas or fire: