Anti-fungal towers

I’m not certain if posting a mod goes to the drawing board but if it does go somewhere else I apologize. On to the mod!

This is a mod that, if added to your world or a new one, will allow you to make and attach a vehicle part that, when turned on, will cover a large radius around it in a fungicidal mist. It won’t kill fungal entities instantly, but continual coverage will make short work of them and clear up any fungal fields that may remain. It requires a very particular fungicide as fuel, and is very power hungry, so you’ll need that to start it up and keep it running.

This is its full coverage after going through a period of a few seconds where it’s about a third of this, more or less half of all tiles in viewing range if fully zoomed out(This is one level of zoom before that by the way):

This is a fungal blossom tower’s spore coverage for comparison:

And here is the fungus-free aftermath of putting this thing to the tower’s face for a minute or so:

You should automatically learn the part’s recipe once your fabrication is at lv8, mechanics lv6, tailoring lv8, first aid lv8, and electronics lv6, and the fungicide it uses at cooking lv6 and first aid lv6. A lot of resources goes into making one, so stock up. Due to fungicide being toxic it will sicken all lifeforms in its range that has to breathe and doesn’t have a gas mask, and eventually kill them. Use only briefly in areas where you want to preserve the local non-fungal life.

If you have a suggestion on changing it, like upping its fungicide consumption, lowering its coverage range, or something else, let me know. I’ll update the download link below as I make changes.

Download the mod here:
Extract it into your mods folder with a rar-compatible program.

A couple of points I want to put down:

  1. I’ve only tested this in a debug fashion. So if something’s not right, like you’re not automatically learning the recipes, let me know. I know that crafting the items and installing and using them goes without issue, though.

  2. It counts as an engine in order to consume the fungicide, so you’ll need mechanics of 8 or more to install this with another engine on the same vehicle construct. You’ll also need mechanics of 8 to install it regardless, so I guess this point isn’t necessary but I wanted to put it down anyway.

  3. I wanted the recipe for the part to involve the corpse of a fungal tower and a bunch of triffid fungal fighters but due to limitations on how the game handles corpses I’ve substituted the intended corpses with a large amount of bones and meat chunks to make up the volume. If you’re confused about why talking about a vehicle part’s recipe involves bones and corpses, think frankenstein.

  4. The moment you install it and the rig you put it into has its fungicide it’s going to automatically turn itself on. Wear a gas mask when you install it, just it case you already have its fungicide in a tank on the vehicle. I haven’t quite figured out why it does this and will need to fix it if I find out how.

  5. I’m going to be honest, the only reason why it has such a high power usage is to make up for limitations in how engines currently work, or more specifically, the “emitter” vehicle part flag. It does require the fungicide to start, it will consume the fungicide, but if you run out of fungicide faster than you do electricity then you can’t turn it off anymore and it will keep going until you run out of power. If anyone is willing to help in making this work like it’s intended to, like stop it from pumping out fungicide if it runs out of fungicide, I’d appreciate it.