Fungicide Sprayer/Thrower

Based on another thread about the dwindling possibilities of fighting an evolved fungal infestation, we came up with an idea for a new weapon.

It’s ammo could be the existing fungicide, since it is not too easy to make. I don’t know whether fungicide can be used as ammo, tho? Ofc you’d need some sort of protection against the gas and it would also dissipate faster in the rain, so it doesn’t become too powerful.

I feel like this could also work with other chemicals and gases besides fungicide. Perhaps as a kind of generic industrial chemical sprayer? Load up it up with your choice of fungicide or something like tear gas and wage chemical warfare on your post-apocalyptic enemies.

That sounds like it would also make sense. Maybe the wepon would need to have an internal chemical converter of sorts, so you can input different chemicals. The quesion then is, whether you could switch modes between fungicide gas and toxic gas or have just one type of gas.

Reminds me of this guy

Alternatively, a big fungal bomb. Set it and it’ll churn out a cloud of anti-fungal gas over a massive radius. It is pretty poisonous, so standing on the gas without protective gear would be unwise. Poison not strong enough to kill the big mycus such as towers and spires, but strong enough on spore clouds, and eventually fungaloids and fungal terrain.

I’d guess that like what we have with flamethrowers and them being able to load Gasoline or Napalm. You could have a chemical sprayer be able to load fungicide to produce noxious anti-fungal gas, a tear gas canister to produce tear gas, or something like a new canister to spew the pacification gas riot bots utilize.

[quote=“skYman, post:3, topic:9909”]Reminds me of this guy

Ah, the good old chemical warrior. For the brotherhood!

By the way… could make for a funny crazy survivor enemy.

"Hahahahahahahaha, time for an acid bath, hahahahahaha, raaaa… eh, hahahahahah ahahahahah!"