Aggregate's Mods

A thread for my mods, though currently it’s just these:

Bootleg Walkers


  • Adds eleven walkers to the game.
  • Adds a recipe book for the above (“Northrup ATSV schematics”), found very rarely where science items are found.
  • Modifies the existing Chicken Walker to be slightly tougher and faster.
  • Makes walkers leave salvageable wrecks instead of just exploding.
  • Allows friendly walkers to be deactivated, as manhacks can.
  • Allows one to very rarely find packed Chicken Walkers.

Downloads and more details can be found on the Github:

Dropbox download:

BK .444

Adds the BK .444 revolver from “E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy” to Cataclysm. It and its ammunition can be found where obscure pistols and ammo spawn. Ammunition can be reloaded. Does absolutely nothing else.
Get it here (no github, too simple to bother):

Beta National Guard Camp edit


  • Cut bot numbers to about 1/3.
  • Added a delay to their attack, and an audible warning (if you’re close enough to hear it).
  • Renamed bots and altered descriptions to reflect their capabilities.
  • Altered itemgroups, bots drop their weapons/ammo and energy weapons/mods can be found in the lab.


That’s it for now! Feedback (particularly for the NG Camp) would be appreciated.


I started off this thread thinking “He better not be calling Zombies Walkers or else I’m gonna have to- oh, Chicken Walkers!”

Gonna try this one. By the way, did you know Northrup Grumman is an actual company?

I vaguely recall hearing about it, yes.
Edit: I remembered where I heard about them, I’ve a book about fighter jets and Northrup Grumman manufactures some.

Edited again: Just realised I forgot to write the schematics’ description. I’ve now done it, but you might want to redownload the mod at some point.

Edited another time: I just updated Bootleg Walkers; removed auto fire in an attempt to reduce friendly fire incidents. Edit: Scratch that, somehow broke it. Edit: Fixed it.

How does someone download on github on mobile(i secretly want to try the first mod)

I’ve no idea how to download on mobile, specifically. Is there a green button that says “clone or download”? If there is, push that and select download zip.

there isn’t a green button what i can only see on the bottom is written
desktop version only

From what I can see, one can’t use the mobile site to download, and the desktop version doesn’t work on mobile.
You may have to just download on a desktop and transfer to mobile.

It’s getting pretty late here, so I’ll be back tomorrow.

Oh ok (i was gonna suggest dropbox) but thanks anyway
Yeah it’s getting late here too(its already nighttime)

You’d have to side load the folder off a computer.

Added Dropbox link for Bootleg Walkers.
Minor update for BW: Fixed an itemgroup, so packed CWs spawn where they should.

Thank you for the dropbox link

i don’t know how to use the very advanced hubgit and dropbox has zips, but becose of the universes convinient plot (posting this comment) the zips need root it be opened… can’t i have a life where i won’t go “oh no, we have no more sugar or this day of my life won’t be intresting”?

I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Updated BW dropbox version to Github latest.

Edit: Updated NG Camp:

  • Increased bot numbers slightly.
  • Altered bot itemgroups so they drop their weapons/ammo.
  • Altered lab itemgroups so energy weapons and mods spawn.
  • Changed Locked Metal Doors to unlocked versions, where it made sense (no more only being able to open one door in a double doorway!). Only affects basement.

Nobody on the forum knows what he’s trying to say, but he says it a lot.

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What operating system are you running? I’ve never heard of any mobile OS requiring root access to handle a ZIP archive, but I’m not that experienced.

Regardless, if it’s Windows 10, then it should have 7Zip installed and associated with ZIPs, already. On Android, you can install an archive handler application like ZArchiver or just a file manager like ES File Explorer and they should be able to handle extraction. Some of them might require that you specify where the root directory is for the purpose of creating a path, but none of them should require root access, especially if they’re from the Play Store.

I’m not that familiar with MacOS, iOS, and other variations of Linux, unfortunately, so I won’t be of any help there.

My game is unable to recognize your mod as a mod. What’s the name of the mod, so I can enter the proper name into the Mod Folder?

That’s odd. Bootleg Walkers is “Bootleg_walkers”, it should work if you just add “Bootleg_Walkers” to your worlds “mods.json” file.

Side note: Updated BW: dropped regen from the super walker; that thing is powerful enough without it.

Northrup Grumman would totally make killer walking robots :+1:

So would Boeing or Bradley Areospace. The latter I think is actually on DARPA’s combat robotics resesrch team.

(Probably) final update for NG Camp:

  • Bot populations are about 1/3 of unaltered.
  • Worthwhile loot added to weapons lab, (assorted high-tech weapons and mods (note that drop rates for the rarest weapons are quite low, you’ll likely have to hit multiple camps to find them)).
  • Removed Flamer Bot’s napalm drop; it dropped in full jerrycan form and I’m not sure how to change that. (Also, flamer bot uses napalm now, rather than gasoline).

Did a fair bit of testing, and bot numbers are high enough to pose significant threat while not being so numerous that destroying all of them is impossible. Most of my test runs resulted in death, as a mid-game survivor in full heavy survivor gear, with a small few bionics and mutations. Note that these test runs were not attempts to actually clear the camp, merely to get in, grab some loot and escape.

An endgame survivor (particularly a hacker) would have an easier time, though still challenging due to the sheer power of the bot’s weaponry, their numbers and the tight quarters of underground sections.

The weapons lab has had the H&K G80 railgun, the Boeing plasma rifle, the FTK93 fusion rifle, the XM34 EMP rifle and the laser guns added, alongside mods for the lasers. Droprates for the first three are low enough that I didn’t see any in the dozen or so camps I checked, but I found a few emp rifles and laser guns/mods.
Other loot found: assorted bionics, both rare and otherwise. Several suits of basic powered armour. A mod I’d never seen before: the E.M.A.S., among other milspec mods. Plenty of gun-smithing and reloading resources. Large amounts of milspec ammo.

Most of the doors in the Camp can now be opened, save large garage doors and those leading to armouries. Want in? Grab an acetylene torch.

Going to make a pull request to see if this can become the standard Camp.