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The E.M.A.S is, I think, from the Fictional Weapons pack. I’ve never found one before, but there’s barely any rare gunmod spawn locations in the game anyway.


Minor update for BW: Added schematics and packed walkers to a few more spawn points.


I’m not sure if this is a problem with the Bootleg Walkers mod somehow or with the launcher but it seems that every time I update the game through the launcher the Bootleg Walkers mod gets deleted from mods folder. Other mods I have that are not in the repository are not deleted which is why I suspect it’s something screwy with the mod.


I’ve also had that happen, though it was with several other mods as well (Arcana, Blazemod (not the version that comes with the game) the mining mod and one or two others). I’ve no idea why it happens, and no idea how to fix it. I just back up my mods before updating, now.

Edit: just remembered to actually update the Dropbox version of BW.

Side note: Does anyone know a free filehost that works on mobile? Dropbox is horrible.