Disable hacked bots



If you can hack it, you can turn it into an item form. Exception: Broken cyborg. (Base game + national guard camps)

Can add to an existing world by modifying the save’s mods.json and adding “disable_bots” for base game, and “disable_bots_natcamp” as well if you have national guard camp to the list, with a comma behind every entry except the last.

Get it on github

Patrol Routes & Guard Duty for Hacked Robots
Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

Hot Damn! Thank you so much Shard!

I can finally fulfill my dream of building an underground warehouse filled with row upon row of war robots.


Can you break them down for parts or is it just a packed murder machine?
Also does this work on PK’s robots? Like the Helidrone and the Old Police Bot?


Can’t break them down, as that would require figuring out what all they should be composed of when not broken, this was just a quick mod to solve the annoyance of them staying active if I want to get rid of them without destroying them.

As to PKs and the like, no, it requires a mod specifically made for each other mod it interacts with. Honestly I don’t feel much like trying to make more mods atm other than the half-finished ones I am trying to fix up enough to release, maybe later.


I noticed that the firefighter robots can’t be shut down. Are they from a separate mod, or did you miss that one?

Otherwise this mod is working great. I’ve got 80 hacked Wraitheon bots sitting in a storage room. Now to figure out what to do with my new robot army.


Bro how you download it from github?? Im viewing from android


You can download mods in github (when on android) by pressing “desktop version” and then the green download button will appear


If I recall correctly, the firefighter robots are from salvaged robots mod, which I didn’t do an extension for since I’m lazy. Glad you are liking the mod though, I’m not big on storing them, but I hack them instead of fight, and wanted to make them quit being in the way afterward.


I’ll have to take a look at your mod and see if I can replicate it for the salvaged robots mod. IIRC the firefighter bots will actively seek out fires and put them out. I was trying to hack a few to have my own fire brigade.

The area surrounding my base is VERY flammable, and in the past…well lets just say mistakes were made.

Really? You don’t want to have your own robot army? Even if you don’t use them much, its good to have a nuclear option. For me, having a robot army is its own reward anyway.
I’m hoping that one day hacked robots can be given very simple commands, like to guard or patrol a predefined area. Or sent along with followers on missions as escorts. But the thread where I suggested it doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention, so I don’t know if someone will take the idea and run with it.