Advanced Gear/Nanotech (unfinished)

Ultra-endgame mod, introduces new highly overpowered equipment that requires significant investment of rare resources and raw materials to get running. (Still unfinished, missing some vehicle parts and intend to eventually do mutations)

Vehicle parts are included, as well as one of each type of ranged weapon, a true multitool, armor similar to power armor but usable with clothing, ultimate storage, and several tiers that take a lot of time to advance though. As you advance to higher tiers, costs for production are reduced and more options open up, as well as size and weight reductions for the tools required until you can easily carry them with you.

Can be safely added to existing games by editing the save’s mods.json and adding “adv_gear” to it.

Get it on github

(Warnings: ‘wire’ and ‘deathcloud’ ammo are far more dangerous than the ingame stats make them look. They are essentially massive fragmentation bombs that will likely instagib you if you aren’t wearing full body and head armor. Don’t say you were not warned - many dozens of debug characters have died to bring you this warning.)


Sounds awesome. What are some of the vehicle parts though?

I understand if you don’t want to tell.

Also suggestion for the mutation. Maybe like a grey goo sort of mutation caused machines like an cbm that allows you to control Nantes which allows you to start becoming the goo.

Vehicle parts: frames, boards/quarterpanels (same stats) which both act as doors, armor (passive absorbs a bunch of damage, active does 5x impact damage but is weaker), armored cameras, ungodly huge storage battery, a generator similar to blazemod, a control center, a seatbelt that will kill you before it breaks basically, massively powerful engines, huge storage tank, large cargo storage, basically tank treads turned up to 11, forget if there was anything else… Possibly adding fridge/freezer later, and plan to add turret versions of all the weapons (except the launcher, that is too dangerous to have automated)

As to mutations, I had planned a progression of anything > nanite infused > nanite enhanced > specialized nanoswarm. Proof of concept showed that a normal mutation can cancel out a threshold mutation, so it is possible, just a lot of work. Each of the stat-focused builds would be specialized in its own combat style, including ability to produce unique items, such as the intelligence build getting craftable robots, the perception build getting unique traps and ammo, etc.

So is it an upgrade or just removes certain threshold mutations and replaces? I’m currently 2 hits of serum down the Alpha mutation tree. I plan to go full alpha, what would it replace/upgrade?

This sounds amazing, definitely giving this a try later. Just throwing ideas around, but have you considered adding nanite infected zombies? This reminds me of the parasite units in Metal Gear Solid V. They would be challenging fights, adding the mutations you mentioned but having them used against you, this could also be a source of getting nanites for crafting.

Correct, the anything includes post-threshold of other types, then you get two thresholds of nanotech, then a final stat-specialized one. Still needs a LOT of work before I can release any of the mutation stuff though.

As to infected zombies, no, they would just be piles of goo. I do intend to eventually add some enemies however, which will need to be defeated for things to ‘research’ the mutation stuff. The bio-compatible nanites in labs are part of that, though they are useless for anything at the moment. Nanites for crafting are already dealt with, they are incredibly expensive at first, but as you increase your nanotech tier, the costs drop massively to the point where you can batch craft 20x at a time with reasonable ease. A lot of it is just trying to reach the point where you can do that, as beginning costs are very high. I may also redo the recipes to make it more obvious, as currently you can use a sub-optimal recipe, aside from the first one, with any of the tiers.

I debugged the nanosuit on a new character, it seemed to protect me from just about everything except damage by heat (no burn damage by stepping into a fire), detonating a mininuke in my pocket, and a max stat NPC with a AP .50 caliber landing a headshot at point blank range. Stepping on a landmine did no damage and setting off a grenade directly below me barely phased me. You could just get a horde to follow you around with this on and clear cities just by acid or shocker zombies doing AoE damage to everything. Shoggoths just get annoyed and stare even more intently with malice.

One thing I noticed was that with the multitool I was unable to dissect a broken cyborg from the salvageable robots mod due to the tool having metal sawing and fine metal sawing split between large and small multitool.

Correct, the nanosuit is basically on a similar level as power armor, hence why it is quite difficult to reach the tier it requires to be crafted. It is still less powerful than heavy power armor, though it has its own benefits over that, such as being able to work with other clothing and storage.

The multitool isn’t designed to be perfect, just very close - later on you can easily have two or even all three modes at once by making more than one.

Updated to v3, bugs preventing progression have been fixed, parts not working right soft-removed, more looks_like added to allow tiles to show.

Moved mod to github, and put up another update.

  • Redid nanite production to be limited to only the correct version for each tool, added final tier of production
  • Made tier 2 less likely to be skipped by increasing requirements of tier 3
  • Allowed nanite programmers for mod recipes in place of control laptop (except disassembling stuff that isn’t meant to be disassembled and only can be to avoid bugs)
  • Nerfed blade ammo -5 damage, -15 AP
  • Buffed small nanite multitool’s butchering and fine cutting
  • Nanite multitool now repairs superalloy using steel chunks instead of causing an error
  • Rebalanced weapon recoil, dispersion, and damage
  • Rebalanced ammo recoil and dispersion
  • Fixed description of nanotech shredder - it is a shotgun, not a pistol, oops
  • Added more nanosuit versions for different heat levels

Are you making it possible to make a nanite swarm like a manhack or drone? Cause I think that would be cool just activating a bunch to make a consuming horde by that I mean corpse consuming so you can have more nanoswarms. If that isn’t how your going I understand it’s still a really awesome MOD either way. Keep up the good work!:smile:

Nanoswarms: yes, both generic and high quality (limited to a mutation path)
Nanoswarms that eat bodies, no, as I don’t know of any options that allow that.

I think one of portal horrors eats items the sogatho or something and I think you could white list it so it only eats items with Corpse in it.

I think your costs for plastic feedstock are a bit skewed. I didn’t check how many plastic chunks I could get from 143 small plastic bottles or 77 plastic bottles…but 6 gallon jugs gives upwards of 80 plastic chunks. Just one jug gave me 14 chunks, 1 shy of the last option in that recipe, 15 plastic chunks. I’m not sure which end of the spectrum you were aiming for, the recipe lets you be frugal or incredibly wasteful. Looking at the other feedstock recipes makes me think you intended the cheap end of the spectrum. I’ve literally just discovered an experimental nanite assembler, so I’m just dipping my toes into the mod. I really like what I’ve seen in the recipe menu, now I’m about to get a nanite guide put together and see what’s what.

Thanks for what you do here.

That would be due to an issue with the base game. I based all my recipes on mass of the item in question, while base game is blatantly ignoring conservation of mass all over the place. Cutting up a small plastic bottle can yield a plastic chunk, but it takes a very large number of them to match the mass of a single chunk of plastic. If the base game cared about conservation of mass, it wouldn’t be an issue.

On a related note, I really should fix some of the other things I made to follow that, but I figure waste material can be lost, and nanites can just pull excess requirements out of the ground or whatever is nearby, so I’m cheating on that. Also patch put out a bit ago, I screwed up vehicle parts and you couldn’t craft them, which is fixed now.

Blame it on the blob. It’s sneakily insinuating itself as this mysterious ‘extra’ plastic. I think the true issue is one of …what’s that word they used…“Granularity”. There’s no good way to represent smaller units without increasing item bloat. I mean look at what’s going on with metal. We have lumps and chunks and regular scrap.

Heh, I’m amused thinking about conservation of mass while I traipse around the world constantly eating and drinking, yet never excreting. In my self-pedalling electric driven monstrosity that weighs more than most buildings balanced daintily on 4 ‘wide’ wheels. I worked in a tire shop, I know what a single semi tire can take…and it’s not 100000 pounds per axle. Yet I roll on. I passed a field of whirling dervishes cavorting around a hellish hole in the fabric of reality as a schoolbus-worth of dead children stand idly, moaning for a parent who will never come. Heh…conservation of mass… :smile:

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Looks like a recent update caused an error. It’s reducing stack sizes beyond 200 to 200. Loads ok after the error. nanite blade, bio nanites, nanite cluster, nanite dart are affected.

This is the one that did it:

edit: o.O my eyes deceive me…volume in mL …

It is a lot more than just those, I’ll fix it tomorrow, in a pretty crappy mood atm.

It’s always a kick in the balls when the game updates your work all to hell…Enjoy your evening.

Not just that, lots of nerfs lately, been told bugs I spent hours tracking down aren’t bugs just because I found them while modding, had several of my ideas turn out impossible because the game doesn’t allow me to do them, and more. Going to take hours to fix my vehicle in my game because cargo dimensions are 1/25th their old size now, so even after throwing out 15 tons of loot, I still have way too much to fit even after making two more cargo dimensions. And I can’t even mod it back because the base game changed to make that impossible.